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year 10 statistics courseworkYear 10 statistics coursework -Paula Short had already begun work to improve student success; and Chancellor John Morgan provided the support needed for all of these stakeholders to collaborate and build upon existing successes.With help from a Completion Innovation Challenge Grant from Complete College America, the Governor’s vision for the state triggered a partnership between the University System of Georgia (USG) and the Technical College System of Georgia to pursue bold strategies for reform, including the implementation of Corequisite Remediation.After receiving a Completion Innovation Challenge Grant, then Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Mary Ostrye at Ivy Tech Community College, in collaboration with the Indiana Commission of Higher Education, built a remedial education reform strategy.Instead, colleges should deploy a comprehensive intake process to discern students’ academic goals, career goals and overall college readiness, including both academic and non-cognitive measures.Consequently, many who might have succeeded stop before they ever actually start college-level work.With the Tennessee Board of Regents system having dedicated time and energy to the still relatively new prerequisite models, community college faculty like Chippy Mc Clain of Walters State Community College stepped forward to test out the new corequisite model.Under the traditional remedial model at the West Virginia Community and Technical Colleges (WVCTC), only 14% of students placed into remedial math were completing the associated gateway course within two years.All students should to be treated as college students on day one, rather than as remedial students who must demonstrate their readiness for college before entering a program.During a 2013 CCA National Academy, West Virginia state leaders examined powerful coreq results from a statewide experiment made possible by a CCA/Gates Foundation CICG grant.During the academy, teams of faculty and administrators from the state’s community and technical colleges gathered with some of the nation’s foremost experts to develop Corequisite Remediation implementation plans.The guidelines answered many questions and provided key guidance to faculty as they developed the approaches on campus. He had been involved in several leadership roles on his campus, but his greatest professional accomplishment may have been his work after returning to the faculty.Read Less Under Georgia’s traditional model, only 21% of students starting in remediation in fall 2010 completed the corresponding introductory (gateway) math or English course within two years. Traditional remediation consumed time and money, without succeeding in its goals of moving students into college-level work and enabling them to complete degrees.Academic support would be provided as a corequisite in the math course that was aligned to their program of study. To address concerns about the applicability of corequisite remedial education at community colleges, he designed a pilot study to test its effectiveness in those settings.In addition, the policy created a new combined reading and writing strategy in English.The results were outstanding with a very high percentage of students who would have otherwise been in remedial education passing the course.In addition, Austin Peay developed differentiated math pathways which included a college-level math for liberal arts course and statistics courses. When he moved into the position of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the Tennessee Board of Regents, he collaborated with faculty leaders to scale Corequisite Remediation across the state.Each year, more than a million students begin college in remediation – prerequisite coursework that costs states and students hundreds of millions of dollars but doesn’t count toward a degree.Data on total number of students requiring remediation taken from National Center for Educational Statistics: gov Data on percentage of students requiring remediation within each subgroup taken from Complete College America: It comes down to attrition.Likewise, James Gray, a math faculty leader who was originally resistant to corequisites in math is venturing forward with a corequisite math strategy at Community College of Aurora that has a primary objective of dramatically increasing gateway course success rates for students of color.Mary Ostrye provided key leadership to the remedial education reforms movement in Indiana.year 10 statistics courseworkWithout a blueprint to pursue, Geri Anderson led a major statewide reform process for remedial education.Ivy Tech Community College – statewide institution that had very low gateway course success rates – knew that dramatic change was essential to improving graduation rates.Rather than facing a long sequence of prerequisite, non-credit courses, students get up to speed while working toward their degree.Each faculty-led task force included representatives from several USG institutions, the system office, the Complete College Georgia team, and the Charles A. The task forces’ work resulted in policy changes indicating Corequisite Remediation would be the preferred form of remediation.After a period of experimentation, it became clear that corequisite support was the only model that achieved measurable improvements.Additional, mandatory class periods or customized support in a lab provide academic support “just in time” within a college-level course.In response, Mc Comas worked with colleagues to enroll students directly in gateway math courses and provide academic support as a corequisite.Most students succeed in their remedial courses but simply fail to enroll in subsequent courses.After switching to Corequisite Remediation, success rates shot to 71% in college English and 63% in college math.English faculty jumped in with both feet to create a reading/writing corequisite strategy that is a model for the nation.Without direct governing authority over the state’s community and technical colleges, he set out to convince campus presidents to voluntarily transform remediation.Michael Mc Comas of Mountwest Community and Technical College had for years seen students in his remedial math classes fail.He knew his students could succeed – many were passing the courses when they stopped attending – but gateway course success rates remained dismal.The initiative empowered campuses to study and pilot evidence-based reforms to determine which strategies were most effective and should lay the foundation for a new system policy.In 2011, Governor Nathan Deal announced Complete College Georgia, a statewide initiative to boost college completion and close attainment gaps.Chancellor Skidmore’s leadership laid the groundwork for a reform that has transformed college completion opportunities for thousands of West Virginia students.The University System of Georgia implemented corequisite remediation at scale in fall 2015. In his work with corequisite support for College Algebra, he found that students who would have otherwise been placed into remedial math could not only pass, but could excel in college level mathematics when given just-in-time assistance.Within just one year of the reforms, success rates skyrocketed to 62%.The results, even with little planning and design, were very promising.The new strategy and policy, which was implemented in fall 2013, created two pathways in math and associated academic support models. year 10 statistics coursework Also, they uncovered that a singular path for students through College Algebra was resulting in extremely low gateway math success rates.Where once there was a bridge to nowhere but college debt, disappointment and drop out, today there is a new, proven bridge to college success – a bridge that is spanning the divide between hope and attainment. Read More In Corequisite Remediation, students enroll directly into college-level courses and receive academic support alongside their regular classes.Shawna Van, an English faculty member at Front Range Community College, quickly became a vocal spokesperson for the new corequisite approach.System leaders immediately implemented an interim strategy that paired a remedial course and college math course.When data was collected, it became clear that Corequisite Remediation should be scaled for all support in English and in the new Quantitative Reasoning course.While the state could have rested on its laurels, key leaders recognized that, of the reforms being utilized, Corequisite Remediation models were achieving the greatest results.With the leadership of Assistant Vice President for Remediation and Innovation Saundra King, the system used its CICG grant to experiment with a range of approaches, including Corequisite Remediation.Propelled by a new state policy that prevented four-year institutions from offering remedial education, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Austin Peay State University Tristan Denley and his team developed the Structured Assistance Program which placed students into college-level English or math courses and provided additional support through a fee-based lab that met two hours per week.The addition of corequisite courses in math and English, along with new quantitative reasoning and technical math pathways, resulted in gateway course success increases from 29% in math after three years to 64%.Consequently, overall placement in remedial math dropped from 77% to about 34%.The results were nothing short of astounding with success in gateway math courses improving from around 10% in two years to between 65% and 78%. Not only did he find that the reforms translated well to community colleges, he found that students of all academic levels were more successful in corequisites.After implementation of the corequisite model at her institution achieved dramatic results, she quickly became an advocate for corequisite reading and writing.Taken together, these leaders highlight a state ready to achieve dramatic results.Once it became clear that the system needed a comprehensive remedial education reform strategy that included new gateway math pathways and a commitment to corequisites, Mary persuaded the Ivy Tech board to adopt corequisite support as a best practice.He made the case well; Chancellor Skidmore and the college presidents would go on to commit to scale Corequisite Remediation by fall 2014.As a result, he implemented a new policy to move Corequisite Remediation to full scale, system wide, in fall 2015.The system’s Chief Academic Officer convened faculty leaders from all campuses in a review of the research and experimentation that has resulted in an approach where over 5,000 otherwise traditional remedial students are now in corequisites.The Colorado Community College System was one of the first states in the nation to set a course for a new state policy that explicitly called for Corequisite Remediation.In order to scale the reform in West Virginia, WVCTC Chancellor Jim Skidmore took action.The results were astounding with over 70% of his remedial students completing gateway courses in a single semester. year 10 statistics coursework It enlisted faculty leaders in the development and implementation of a system of academic support that has now resulted in an early victory for the comprehensive Complete College Georgia strategy by generating dramatic improvements in gateway course success.A new, non-transferable technical math pathway enabled the institution to guide many more students directly into technical certificate programs with a course far more aligned with the content needed for their credential.The new chancellor, Sarah Tucker, accepts the role as the new champion of the reform that, as she declared, achieved results that are like nothing she has ever seen in all her years in higher education.When the new quantitative reasoning course was developed and appropriate support was designed, success rates climbed even higher.The state’s coreq pilot found that student success in gateway English courses improved from 31% in two years to 64% in one semester.In English, improvements were from 37% in three years to 55% in one semester.Mc Clain provided 250 students, all of whom had ACT subscores between 10 and 17, corequisite support while they were enrolled in college-level English, resulting in improvements from about 30% of students passing the course in the traditional model to over 65% passing in the single-semester corequisite model.While they allowed experimentation, the system moved aggressively to scale Corequisite Remediation once the data clearly indicated it was a superior model.As new policies for math pathways are implemented and the evidence of success grows, the work ahead involves continuous improvement and even greater scale for thousands more students.With the principles in mind, CCA offers these pillars for to spur greater success for those who have traditionally been placed into remedial education.In Georgia, the strategy originated in the Governor’s office and benefited greatly from the commitment of system leaders.Both reforms provided corequisite support options as a design element.Now the work moves to the four-year institutions, which have committed to fully scaling corequisite support for all students by fall 2017.The core principles outline how colleges can fundamentally redesign the way students in need of additional academic support are served.The process should result in students choosing a broad area of study or meta-major and enrolling in appropriate gateway courses, particularly in math, that will enable them to enter a program of study in their first academic year.To ensure consistency in the implementation of corequisite reforms, Ivy Tech established clear guidelines for the scaling of corequisite models.The reforms resulted in success rates that improved from 31% to 64%.Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Geri Anderson committed the system to comprehensive reforms in remedial education through the acquisition of a federal TAACT and Completion Innovation Challenge Grant.She enlisted Casey Sacks from the system office to coordinate a task force of community college faculty and other leaders where she declared that the result of their work would be a new and comprehensive policy to transform remedial education in Colorado.The development of a new math pathway strategy designed by two-year and four-year math faculty is expected to catalyze a movement to expand the use of corequisites in math in the very near future. year 10 statistics coursework After receiving a Completion Innovation Challenge Grant, then Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Mary Ostrye at Ivy Tech Community College, in collaboration with the Indiana Commission of Higher Education, built a remedial education reform strategy. year 10 statistics coursework

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