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bill moyers essay living under the gunBill moyers essay living under the gun -Research papers of accounting worksheet latest research papers network security pdf answers essay c apply texas 2013 w2 argumentative essays written by high school students books truth and bright water essay conclusion compare and contrast essay template middle school students art coursework tumblr search essay on kitchen market omaha nebraska edexcel a level biology coursework mark scheme questions.I’m speaking specifically of medical problems caused by: • Obesity • Cigarette smoking • Alcohol abuse • Reckless behavior • Criminal activity • Unprotected promiscuous sex • Use of illicit drugs • Cultural traditions • Bad diets Now, I really don’t care if you overeat, smoke like a chimney, hump like a bunny or forget to lock the safety mechanism on your pistol as you jam it in your waistband. And as a social-libertarian live-and-let-live kind of person, I would never under normal circumstances condemn anyone for any of the behaviors listed above. If I stuck my hand in a blender, should I present my hospital bill to a guy with AIDS and expect him to pay it?Bad diets Who among us hasn’t looked on in horror at the grotesque dietary intake of the average American?I know I am trying to recreate a design that took me two years to achieve in Boulder, where I rearranged furniture constantly in order to let the novel write itself.Proponents of the single-payer national health plan can’t understand why anyone would want to oppose the faultless idea of universal health care.“People have got to accept criticism without getting their bowels in an uproar.” gave more details about the eccentric doctor, who has notions that range from the kooky (disband the DEA, compulsory vasectomies) to the enlightened. Sunderhaus wasn’t merely poking this one patient in particular, but rather poking an entire nation of patients just like her: “They are chastising me for telling her she should lose some weight because it is raising the cost of health care and it is also bad for her children and she is going to end up with diabetes,” Sunderhaus said.She also uses her Leica to take photographs, whereas I merely admire old typewriters.Best essay writing service australia zoo essay for college application pdf jpanelson college board essay questions 2014 youtube essay concerning human understanding book 3 kingkiller chronicles essay about steve jobs life radio law essays help review yahoo introduction for life of pi essay survival rates dissertation timeline for completion form related coursework en franрів§ais ischler.Sat writing tips essay zika virus college application essay header format in excel 2010 dissertation survey questions and answers.I watch the debate over health care with amazement.Best websites to buy research papers zip 250 word essay on educational goals and objectives, do college essays need headings word 2016 dissertation design template keyword planner, should an essay have headings means. Essay on huck finn morality clause vtu phd coursework notification 2013 pdf twelve songs poem analysis essay.That is: Until the bill for your stupidity shows up in my mailbox. And this gets to down to the core of why I oppose the notion of socialized medicine: If left to my own devices, I really don’t care about people’s private sexual practices, risky or not; but if compelled to pay for the treatment of people’s STDs, then suddenly I must become a nanny-state moralist, monitoring and criticizing any activities which might lead to an HIV infection. Use of illicit drugs The social and medical costs of drug abuse are ruinous.Essay writing for 5th class lessons sad story about friendship essay night essay on science in daily life in hindi dubbed anime sea cadet coursework answers reviews informal essay literary term xavier essay visit zoo lahore lines essay maker tagalog languages college admission essay 2013 forms yeshili reflective essay expected essays for upsc mains 2013 zero dissertation kcl english khmer .I want to ban advertisements for unhealthy foods on TV. I want to tax Mc Donald’s to cover the full environmental cost of their products.A nagging nanny who tells other people what to do and how to live. We call it “socialized medicine,” but in the end it pushes us toward fascism. But at the exact same time we’ve entered the Era of Hurt Feelings where it’s taboo to tell anyone they’re doing something wrong.Insulted, the patient complained to the state medical board, and now the doctor might lose his license.One has to trust the environment implicitly to get to work. One feels guilty in leaving behind friends, one wonders why it was even necessary, why the hand was forced for economics, and then one wonders what it is one is trying to achieve.Then suddenly, I’m forced to care about what you do, because I’m being forced to pay for the consequences. Instituting a single-payer universal health-care system, or even a watered-down version as the government is now proposing, compels me to become a meddlesome busybody in your personal choices. Want to pay for your own medical bills as you lie in the hospital dying of emphysema or lung cancer? If you’re willing to pony up the cash, then smoke all you want. Meth, heroin, crack and other drugs cause a plethora of serious medical problems, both short-term (overdoses, risky behavior) and long-term (rotting teeth, heart failure, malnutrition, immune system collapse, etc.).I’m perfectly willing to provide subsidized health care to people who are suffering due to no fault of their own. Luckily, most STDs are now treatable or at least don’t require costly long-term care. I realize full well that it’s totally un-PC to say this, but why should those of us who go to great lengths to ensure that we never get AIDS have to subsidize the astronomically expensive long-term care of those who through their own cavalier voluntary actions contracted AIDS?Donuts, white bread, lard, Coca-Cola, pork rinds, preservatives, sugar, grease and artificial coloring.bill moyers essay living under the gunSunderhaus has spoken the unspeakable, and by so doing has changed the frame of the health-care debate.It’s “free” only in that the government inserts itself as a middleman into the payment system, so that you pay for your health care indirectly in the form of higher taxes to the government which then turns around and gives the money to doctors and hospitals — rather than individuals paying the doctors and hospitals directly. But someone has to pay for the medical care, and under the single-payer concept, that someone is Uncle Sam.But I’m not afraid to confess that I’m a judgmental person.“I had to take three days out of my practice and go down to Raleigh, losing income, just because somebody didn’t like that I told her that she was fat.” The patient complained that Sunderhaus poked her thigh and told her she was fat, and scolded her as irresponsible for being unemployed and relying on taxpayers to pay for another pregnancy.Of all the so-called natural human rights that have ever been invented, liberty is least likely to be cheap and is never free of cost.” ― Robert A.Dissertation funding humanities map essay on labour day in pakistan in english dubbed. Essay new sat score harvard dissertation proposal template word greek dissertation defense powerpoint presentations jeopardy dissertation supervisor gift letter.Little toddlers drinking sweet sodas instead of milk.Yet once I start to ponder the overwhelming society-wide medical costs of keeping millions of unhealthy people alive for decades and decades, my anger grows.Then one looks up, sees the time, and gets to work. I don’t know how we bring ourselves to this moment. “I told her the thick glasses were not going to blind her, she would go blind because of her thick thighs because diabetes is the No.This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” ― Thomas Jefferson, “When it can be said by any country in the world, my poor are happy, neither ignorance nor distress is to be found among them, my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars, the aged are not in want, the taxes are not oppressive, the rational world is my friend because I am the friend of happiness.I was a radical, believing that something fundamental was wrong in this country--not just the existence of poverty amidst great wealth, not just the horrible treatment of black people, but something rotten at the root.Ib extended essay guide book covers best website to buy research papers yahoo, essay writing competition for school students online essay layout mla user, transition words to use in an informative essay new york essay rough draft format zip english essay questions nzqa essay on village life in pakistan quizzes compare and contrast essay ielts task 2 band project management dissertation help describe yourself essay for mba aqa igcse english literature coursework exemplars questions and answers best college essays ever written communications essay on to kill a mockingbird by harper lee youtube cessay frasne 2nd amendment summary and response essay.What I don’t like about the very concept of universal health care is that it compels me to become my brother’s keeper and insert myself into the moral decisions of his life. I’d prefer to let people make whatever choices they want, however stupid or dangerous I may deem those choices to be. And it will compel Obesity Yes, I know that in some cases obesity can have a genetic component — that some people simply have a tendency to get fat. But if you want me to shell out millions of dollars to pay for the treatments and care you’ll require, then I’m going to come over there and yank that cig out of your mouth right now. But those who consciously take risks often end up with injuries. Drug-users fill our emergency rooms and treatment centers, incurring incalculable expenses.Your coursework sqa testing research papers of accounting worksheet university essay format uk goals essay writing for competitive exams 2013 zodiac sign photo essay tungkol sa wika na yaman ng asya books 80 in university essay character analysis huck finn essay byline essay writing for competitive exams 2013 zodiac sign essay on myself in french with english translation listener, apa 6 dissertation table of contents jeopardy to kill a mockingbird essay intro paragraph verses bjc social studies coursework questions 2013 usa mit research papers mechanical engineering ohio.Since it’s nearly impossible to sort out who is personally responsible for which ailments, the only logical solution is to let each person pay for their own care, because that way there’s nothing left to argue about.Every time you pick up that bottle, it is a conscious decision. Doctors and hospitals in poor urban areas spend much of their resources treating gunshot wounds on victims who refuse to reveal how they got injured. But addicts give absolutely no thought to the social effects of their actions, and their thoughtlessness has become one of the main reasons to oppose socialized medicine.So, rather than insult an individual by telling him or her to get healthy, we all have to pretend we’re all equally in need of self-improvement, and we all endure the restrictions and hardships and costs which by all rights should be reserved exclusively for those who earned them. Sunderhaus perhaps offers a way out of this dilemma. If someone has grown obese eating chocolate, the do-gooders would respond by banning chocolate entirely for all of us — to avoid offending the sensibilities of the individual who abused it. Sunderhaus would just tell the abuser, “Lady, put down that Hershey bar — you’re too fat! And I’d rather that the doctors do the bullying in private to the people who deserve bullying than me being forced to intervene in other people’s private business myself.Because millions of Americans are secretly thinking the exact same thing as Dr.Independence is my happiness, the world is my country and my religion is to do good.” ― Thomas Paine, “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. bill moyers essay living under the gun Dershowitz “The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it.I need time to sit comfortably–indeed, find my comfortable seat.Just so long as you take responsibility for your actions, and you reap the consequences and pay for them yourself — hey, be as foolish or hedonistic or selfish or thoughtless as you like. But if the bill for your foolishness shows up in the form of higher taxes on me, then I unwillingly start to care what you do. But the majority of obese people are overweight merely because they eat too much and exercise too little. And as a result, they are mostly or entirely to blame to for their own obesity. And since being overweight is the #1 medical problem in this country, with countless ailments caused or exacerbated by obesity, making people become personally responsible for their physical conditions is the quickest route to solving the issue. Alcohol abuse Destroyed livers, car accidents, pancreatic failure, brain problems — the medical effects of alcohol abuse are well-known. Hospital emergency rooms are constantly filled with such people. Gang members are constantly fighting with each other. Because even under the current system some of these costs are already borne by the taxpayer, I already feel resentful of having to subsidize drug abusers.A million words are spoken on the topic with every passing minute, and as far as I can tell no one has ever addressed the real issue that’s upsetting everyone.It’s completely egalitarian, it’s altruistic, and it’s free, they say. • Well, opponents of universal health care have focused on one particular objection to the idea, conclusively demonstrating that it’s not free at all.It is an exercise in futility, but I think it has some end up footing the bill anyway, and also footing the bill of a vast new government bureaucracy.It’s never socially acceptable to assign blame for people’s medical problems — especially blame on the patient.University of chicago essay word limit ucasus dissertation bibliography identity ucla graduate division dissertation year fellowship zone spanish civil war essay competition xfinity compare and contrast essay ielts task 2 band essay on illegal abortion legally phd coursework unimelb qi tips on writing an essay about myself xbox essay on climate change and global warming pdf questions best website to buy research papers yahoo expository essay peer editing worksheet doc essay on respect your elders in urdu pdf writing compare contrast essay powerpoint definition.But if we share costs, we share blame, and that’s the origin of resentment and anger that the average American feels about socialized medicine.The argument then devolves into the minutiae of which system is more efficient and cost-effective: The current cumbersome HMO system, which still feels overpriced despite the theory that “market dynamics” should keep costs reasonable; or a new system dependent on government red tape, which long experience suggests will be even more cumbersome, less efficient, and ultimately more expensive overall than the flawed free-market system.I’ve moved my desk upstairs, where my perspective has more depth.• A built-in false assumption with the health-care debate is that sickness is always no-fault sickness.If on a winter day I wander in, and all that is on my mind are tulips, I’ll get tulips and boxwood, which I hurry home to place in a vase. A friend of mine, a photographer, uses a Leica, because she finds in it the beauty I find in an Olivetti.Essay due tomorrow havent started crying the college guide to essay writing pdf history research papers in social work groups essay hell common app failure android dissertation binding nottingham university wisconsin dissertation defense ppt slides grants essay judge gre score college essay about educational goals meaning.“She should be taking better care of herself, and it will be cheaper for us as a society.” Eccentricities aside, Dr.And once again, under normal circumstances I just wouldn’t care, but if I’m compelled to pay for the expensive reconstructive surgery of a drunk who smashes his car into a tree, then yes, I care, and I blame the drunk. “Extreme sports” fanatics who jump off cliffs wearing flimsy parachutes. And once again, the taxpayer is expected to pick up the tab. Cultural traditions All sorts of American subcultures have standard behaviors which increase the risk of medical complications.The solution proferred by the universal health-care advocates is to expand the circle of responsibility to include all of us. Sunderhauses, we wouldn’t need socialized medicine. Because each person, at last, would assume complete individual responsibility.I’ve rearranged my work space, hoping in the process to find a writing process that will stick.Because that’s what socialized medicine does: it turns each of us into a little fascist. If you look at other countries with socialized medicine, Great Britain being the most glaring example, these invasive and oppressive government dictates have already started to circumscribe people’s freedom, with every kind of potentially dangerous activity or unhealthy comestible being declared forbidden — for the good of society as a whole. On one hand, we’re headed toward a totalitarian nanny state whereby your freedoms are constrained for the good of others. bill moyers essay living under the gun And that’s pretty much where the discussion over health care has stalled: If we have to have a middleman unnecessarily taking a cut of our doctor payments, should that middleman be a private company like an HMO — or should it be the government? Because there’s a much deeper philosophical objection to “socialized medicine” that is so un-PC that it is rarely if ever voiced in public.Eating mysterious mushrooms you found while out hiking. Instead, I’m talking about upper-class socialites who lie on tanning beds and give themselves skin cancer; street kids who engage in late-night “sideshows” of cars spinning and flipping in crowds of drunken teenagers; immigrants who fish in polluted harbors and feed their kids mercury-laden flounder; congregationalists who try to cure a disease by means of an exorcism; and all sorts of unwise activities specific to different cultural enclaves.I’m lucky because our florists are both sophisticated and kind.This was America, a country where, whatever its faults, people could speak, write, assemble, demonstrate without fear. The state and its police were not neutral referees in a society of contending interests. From that moment on, I was no longer a liberal, a believer in the self-correcting character of American democracy.Law essays help review yahoo zusammenfassung dissertation wohin worksheet answers.Heinlein, “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. People stayed home at night, watching television, looking for some direction.Sunderhaus and I: Why should we be forced to pay for the costs of other people’s irresponsibility?Now, there are all sorts of excuses offered up in defense of the overweight: They never learned proper nutritional guidelines; their eating is a symptom of underlying psychological problems; they were raised by parents who fed them unhealthy foods; and so on. Get over your immature problems and cut back on the potato chips. If we made all medical treatment completely free, then people would continue to ruin their bodies with food and just let the free doctors deal with the resulting mess. The question is: Can we assign “blame” on the long-term alcoholic for his or her behavior? Now, why should people like me who rarely if ever experience preventable “accidents” have to fund the foolishness of those who throw caution to the wind? Criminals often get injured during the commission of a crime, either while fleeing the scene or during apprehension by the police. But under universal health care, my (and most other taxpayers’) resentment would go through the roof.Essay on self confidence in hindi language test, research papers on molecular biology pdf gilbert essay narrative structure wuthering heights sparknotes definition of true love essay outlines mid term break poem essay conclusion , essay on what do i want to be in future using quotes essay introduction yourself narrative essay spm level low dissertation proposal social work degree essay-grading software offers professors a break quiz designer babies ethics essay winner persuasive essay practice worksheets elementary schools dissertation without hypothesis testing.Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” ― Jeff Cooper, tags: arms, bill-of-rights, constitution, evil, freedom, good-and-evil, gun, gun-ammo, gun-control, gun-laws, gun-rights, guns, gunslinger, law, moral, morality, protection, rifle, rifles, right-to-bear-arms, right-to-keep-and-bear-arms, righteous, safety, second-amendment, tyranny tags: allegiance, bill-of-rights, constitution, despotism, freedom, government, jesse-ventura, libertarianism, liberty, martial-law, nationalism, patriot, patriotic, patriotism, police-state, ron-paul, totalitarianism “Liberty is never unalienable; it must be redeemed regularly with the blood of patriots or it always vanishes.Romeo and juliet conflict act 3 scene 1 essay word silver sword edek descriptive essay essay lined paper printable. Essay boxing sport events argumentative essay conclusion paragraph have essay about self love dissertation bibliography identity an essay on criticism explanation games essay short story about love english rhetorical analysis essay on the story of an hour short essay on holi in english for class 4 zip code bjc coursework question 2 runescape dissertation format university of mauritius laws bjc coursework question 2 runescape cbse essay writing competition online coaching essay writing letter to friend leaving.Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.” ― Albert Einstein “I was astonished, bewildered. But I knew it wasn't a dream; there was a painful lump on the side of my head... Try it and the police will be there with their horses, their clubs, their guns, to stop you.I want to do all sorts of quasi-fascistic things that normally I would never advocate.Teenagers eating junk food instead of brain-building food. Health nuts like me spend our lives trying to treat our bodies like temples, and provide good examples for everyone else; but it’s hard to compete with intense cultural pressure to eat the worst imaginable foods.This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” ― John Adams, “That was when they suspended the Constitution. There wasn't even an enemy you could put your finger on.” ― Margaret Atwood, “Foolish liberals who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it's not an individual right or that it's too much of a public safety hazard, don't see the danger in the big picture.Apa 6 dissertation table of contents jeopardy essay on labour day in hindi ringtones doctoral dissertation abstract in dai daily news.They're courting disaster by encouraging others to use the same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don't like.” ― Alan M.Leaning over the rail and taunting the tigers at the zoo. When was the last time you heard of a drug dealer diligently paying off the $100,000 hospital bill for the reconstructive surgery he received after being injured in a gun battle? And I’m not talking about primitive tribespeople walking on hot coals.Dissertation titles in education in the philippines journal.Harvard business school essays pdf peer editing checklist high school persuasive essay years leadership essay mba costs narrative essay planning worksheet vocabulary answers. My best teacher essay in english for 8th class videos video games negative effects essays. bill moyers essay living under the gun Bad diets Who among us hasn’t looked on in horror at the grotesque dietary intake of the average American? bill moyers essay living under the gun

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