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cause and effect of sleep deprivation essay

cause and effect of sleep deprivation essayCause and effect of sleep deprivation essay -It seemed to me that HE (always feels like a male entity) was pinning me to the bed again and attempting to force himself upon me.If you're interested I can show you something that I had been looking into which apparently is guaranteed to haunt you once you watch it. ago) I have experienced more strange occurrences including something blowing in my ear and whispering. My husband even feels the "ghostly" presence here, esp. I've had these experiences many times, it has something to do with the approaching 2012.I have read extensive material on sp over the years and tons of theories but have come up with my take on what sp is.These shadow figures are seen by people all over the world so i don't think its just our minds.I used to be depressed as a child and SP was just the perk that came with it.I look around and see my room just the same, get up and do various activities only when something happens that let's me know this is not real, I realize I never got out of sp, when I wake up for real, its all the more freaky to come back to the real reality.You obviously had enough time to be insulting so you should have no problem doing a kind of "scientific study".I felt dazed, weird and like I had actually just got my ass kicked.I also think they are targeting people who might be 'threats'.Some things happen to me that aren't so common but I have found other sp sufferers that have these too: False wake up...several times I fight to get out of the sp and finally "wake up" in my bed and think finally I'm out of it.The strangest thing is that when in enter sp while sleeping on my side, when I sit my torso up to look around, I feel the distinctive spinning one feels when you stand up fast from touching your toes and you regain your balance.At that moment, a hideous voice said audibly, "we're gonna kill your children!" Even if you don't believe in Jesus, I would encourage you to try it.Me and her had a falling out mainly b/c she is JEALOUS OF ANY FEMALE that comes into contact with my friend Jim.IF, it was a dream OR nightmare it sure seemed REAL. Long story short, there was a woman standing in front of me (who actually looked like my old boss) and I thought she had given me a bad reference for a new job.Was sleeping (sometimes it feels like I'm lucid dreaming) and I feel this omnipotent dark force which is always accompanied by a feeling of dread and fear.Also note: these encounters have NEVER been sexual which perhaps could rule out the incubus theory but this one isolated instance it did seem sexual, although I can't be sure.Besides the intense fear there is always the sense of an evil presence, even the times when I don't see an entity.The other ones were smaller and oh ya this was all in my mind, the conversation we had.It usually happens to me just in the moment of falling asleep or shortly after.cause and effect of sleep deprivation essayI challenge you to a month of various occult practices.This is also how I explain the ability to look around the room while in sp, It's my spirit that is moving all the while my body is paralysed.If you really believe that then I have a challenge for you.When you speak in His name, you are speaking with His authority, and this should make them leave. Also, if you haven't already, I would encourage you to assemble a personal prayer team.Once, I heard my son calling for help in his bedroom so I walked over there to help only to find his window open, when I reached to close the window, a black cat with evil glowing eyes bite my hand and I couldn't shake the cat of my hand.As a result, I have avoided that whole scene and barely even see him anymore because I know she's always around :( I have known her for about 5 years now.If all you find is "truth" then you win but if not then you really would know the truth about the whole situation. let me know if you are going to take the challenge or not and if you do make sure this experiment last for one month and only a month.My room was exactly the same, the door creaked opened slowly and a dark figure entered.Whatever these things are they seem to either bother us when we are moving up spiritually (probably trying to fight our progress) or when we are vulnerable (sick, sad, tired, hateful and etc..).Fast forward to several weeks ago-note: these episodes ALWAYS HAPPEN WHEN I AM ALONE IN THE HOUSE AND/OR BED.All the while, mind you, I am desperately trying to WAKE UP in real life as I knew bad shit was going down. He or it grabbed me and kind of threw me against something, hard.There are also times when I interact with my wife and kids in my bedroom but when I finally get out of the sp, they are all sound asleep.Here's the url of an excerpt from his book about OBEs: To the person who was given the challenge to perform occult practices for a month by tiger girl, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!Also interesting to note, besides these instances I almost never have "nightmares" I usually have cool and fun dreams. It was real and tangible and the pain and tingling I had when I woke up was very strange.Sp is so strange that it forces us to figure out what we truly believe in..that comes with much unbiased searching.sorry for the long rant, there is actually a couple more things that have happened but I will leave it at this for now. COM Would you religious freaks stop blaming the occult. I agree that it has something to do with the spiritual realm but has nothing to do with religion." I could feel his hot breath in my ear, it was super real and scary.I could see my brother in his bed and I was trying to get back in my body.So why is there a general consensus that when we do see things during SP, we are acutely aware that they are evil?Satan doesn't waste his time on people that aren't a threat to him. cause and effect of sleep deprivation essay Other times when there are no attacks during sp, I'm just fighting to get out of it.She looked at me and said "It's not me, it's the Devil" and I felt this rush of anxiety and terror as I turned around to see Satan himself (or what I thought was Satan) standing before me, leering at me with an evil wicked grin.BTW, these always happen when I'm getting spiritual strong as well.I have also been talking to my wife during sp and then she turns into a dark demonic figure who then attacks me.N I was starting 2 c things n go places ouuta my body.I respect that you are not religious but I don't appreciate the insult.Honestly if you don't take the challenge then you know on some level that your scared and occult is to blame for some(not all)REM paralysis. Barney, the new experiences you describe sound like out of body experiences, or OBEs as they're called.Anything or anyone wants to attack me in my sleep or in my waking moments be prepared to see hell up close. One time the tall one standing by my bed told me he was Jesus, that he wanted me to join an army.I don't have any personal experience with them but you'd be interested perhaps in some of Ryan Hurd's experiences with them.Eventually I managed to awake, scared stiff at what just happened. It was a lengthy dream which I won't get into because I don't want to bombard you too much more and also b/c it seemed unrelated and really didn't make that much sense.I ran again as fast as I could run and eventually after a few more minutes was able to jolt myself awake.Even though I know not everyone believes in god it is obvious that there is a need for spiritual protection. And don't go to bed with negative feelings because if they are demons they will be attracted to your negative energy.On this occurrence, I didn't have the chocking or sitting on my chest.Don't let Satan stand in the way of the effectiveness of God's ministry through you. :) I am so happy to find people who have experienced the same things.Then it transitioned into an involuntary out of body experience where my spirit was floating uncontrollably above my bed.Also, when fighting so hard to get out of sp, I had strained so hard to move a limb that I have actually moved my "spirit" arm or leg up out of my body.(3) "Spirit-man." I haven't tried so hard to wake up that my "spirit arm" leaves my physical body. I don't think that human beings would choose to hallucinate about evil figures that want to hurt them.I KNEW I WAS ASLEEP and was just trying to 'wake up' as fast as I could (which I always do before he started to do what I thought he was going to. It wasn't just a cloaked figure or shadow person it was a CREATURE type male being, almost looked like an "Orc" from Lord of the Rings.I didn't have another sp or obe experience until 2005 and have had about 15 experiences since then.Ryan runs a website called Dream Studies and is author of one of the best books on sleep paralysis I've read ( cause and effect of sleep deprivation essay Sometimes they aren't there at first and the door creaks open and it or they enter. Once a bright light shone into my bedroom window and i clearly saw the typical alien figure with the large round head and huge eyes.People across the world and across centuries are not collaborating in their reports of what happened. For those who are desperate, try saying this in your head next time you see an evil figure during SP: "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave!My dad told me to go to the stress center but i think its a warning maybe from the lord and it just made me stronger. I had SP again today and a shadowy hooded figure standing in the middle of my room was speaking in a raspy voice. * * * Shout out to the Website: I am very appreciative of this website and this forum.I feel the tingling feeling rushing down my body from head to toe as one would feel when a muscle is "going to sleep." I am conscious of the fact that I'm going into an sp episode and usually think to myself, "Here we go again."At this point, I have had a variety of experiences but I will start with the most common: seeing one or two shadowy black figures standing at the side of or foot of my bed, they are staring at me and upon seeing them it is the worst terror imaginable.Unfortunately she has been dating one of my very good friends for a cpl years now.My guess is that God is using you powerfully or planning to.I just made a video about my sp experiences, you can see it at You some of my experiences and my take on what sp is: I had my first experiences with sp in 1996 when I was 16.As usual, I could not move and felt paralyzed in my sleep.I am a Christian and if u try to say "leave me alone in the name of Jesus" it goes away."Another time the demonic figure with glowing eyes was at the side of my bed and leaned over my head and pressed towards me to attack.I fought them, dare I say I killed some of them and cast them down to hell to await judgement.This monstrous thing lunged at me and I just kept running and trying to get away.I never did drugs and stopped cold turkey on alcohol several years ago.I was curious, during my episodes the demon/s or what have you, are never the same, typically are 'male' but when they are 'female' the attacks are when I'm awake and have been heard and felt by a friend who doesn't even have a religion...anyone else have different demon/s overtime with varying strengths and abilities?It is possible I suppose that she did infact put some sort of spell on me although I don't know how that could explain the weird sleep/nightmare episodes since I've had them much longer than I have known her.I am only 18 and for two years i have been free of REM paralysis until two days ago when it happened when I was sick.I knew jesus would never put fear in me so i made a phone call to my dad who also has had bad experiences because i asked the tall one if my dad knew about it and he told me yes. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ, and I believe that there is a spiritual realm that exists that we normally don't perceive as well as the physical world in which our usual existence takes place.Since you are not religious then I assume you rely more on science.I find it strange that other people would envision similar shadowy figures.Sp mostly happens to me while sleeping on my back but have had several time when I sleep on my side. cause and effect of sleep deprivation essay I have read extensive material on sp over the years and tons of theories but have come up with my take on what sp is. cause and effect of sleep deprivation essay

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