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essay colours rainbowEssay colours rainbow -white heated) col blanc - a white collar, an office worker (lit.a marriage of convenience) arme blanche - a knife or a weapon with a blade white weapon blanchir sous le harnais - to gain experience (lit.from the aim to the white) de la blanche - heroine ( bleed white) un p’tit blanc - a glass of gin or a glass of white wine ( and blue - bruised and beaten black and white - straight forward; very clear to black out - to faint black sheep - the odd or bad member of the group or familygri in the black - successful or profitable black market - the area where illegal things such as drugs and guns are bought and sold as black as coal - to be very black a black tie event - a formal event or party that men are expected to wear a black suit with a tie avoir des idées noires - to feel very sad ( the red heat) rosso come un peperone - blushing ( stare at the whites of the eyes) marquer un jour d'une pierre blanche - to designate a day as one to be remembered (lit.the white gold) passer du blanc au noir - to change one’s mind ( say white and black) dire tantôt blanc, tantôt noir - to say something and its contrary at the same time ( lead someone into a white fever) białe szaleństwo - skiing (lit. white plague) bijeli svijet - whole wide world (lit. white crow) bijeli miševi - imagined or hallucinated things ( says white the other says black) magie blanche - a kind of magic that is good ( be in pitch black) être d’humeur noire - to feel gloomy (lit.he’ll be paying through the nose) zavřít někoho, až zčerná - lock away for a very long prison sentence ( have black ideas) broyer du noir - to be very pessimistic (lit.drunk) un film noir - an atmospherically suspenseful cinema (lit.a white voice) vote blanc - an abstention vote (lit.white thrust) coupe blanche - the entire felling of a forest (lit.a small black)rouge vie mêlée de blanc et de noir - a life full of extremes ( sometimes say white and some other time say black) être dans le noir total - to not understand anything at a situation ( save white money for black days) alb ca varul - very pale (white as a sheet) deu um branco - I can't remember (lit.essay colours rainbowblack column) bestia nera - a person’s least favourite thing, a harmful thing (lit. black heart) periodo nero - period of bad times and trouble (lit.a white vote) fixer quelqu’un dans le blanc des yeux - to stare at someone with intensity (lit.a story sewn with white thread) les blouses blanches - the medical staff in a hospital ('s here in black and white) Halbgötter in Weiß - physicians (lit. to see white smoke) de prins op het witte paard - the man of your dreams (lit.a black fit of anger) dire blanc et noir - not to decide who to support (lit.a black film) noir comme un four - very dark black (lit.a red toga) stendere il tappeto rosso - to give a big welcome to roll out the red carpet una pellicola rossa - an adult erotic film ( give one’s white signature) eléphant blanc - a financial abyss or an excessive project (lit.white as a paper sheet) balta varna - a person who is different from the crowd ( as an oven) bête noire - a person’s least favorite thing/a harmful thing/anathema ( hoist the white flag) histoire cousue de fil blanc - a story that is obviously a lie (lit.a white Russian) saigner à blanc - to exploit something until there’s nothing left ( sink into blackness) travailler au noir - a moonlighter, to work illegally (to black work) un endroit noir de monde - a place full of people ( period) umor nero - grumpiness, pessimism (lit. black hunger) vedere tutto nero - to be pessimistic ( as charcoal) noir sur blanc - written clearly ( make a black picture of the situation) fare nero qualcuno - to hurt someone very badly (lit.neither white nor black) a deosebi albul de negru - to differentiate right from wrong (lit.white weapon) a scoate cuiva peri albi - to annoy someone to exasperation ( like a pepper) bandiera rossa - a warning signal, a sign that something’s wrong (lit. a red line) una toga rossa - a magistrate accused of being left-wing biased by a conservative (lit.white fit of anger) coupe à blanc - the entire felling of a forest (lit. essay colours rainbow to have a white vest) weiße Mäuse sehen - to see things that are not there ( make someone black) conti neri - secret or unlawful accounts (lit. black wine) cousu de fil blan - obviously fake ( differentiate white from black) a face albul negru - to falsify, misrepresent ( pass a night in white) passar em branco - to go through a special day with commemorating it ( give someone white hair) nici albă, nici neagră - undecided, ambiguous ( on white) peindre une situation en noir - to be excessively pessimistic about a situation ( mark the day with a white stone) un mariage blanc - a white marriage (i.e.a place black with people) un petit noir - a cup of coffee (lit.a small white) voix blanche - a toneless voice (lit.a white crow) eine weiße Weste haben - to be innocent ( a white day) do białego rana - until the white dawn doprowadzić kogoś do białej gorączki - to make someone angry (lit. white onion) bijela vrana - a person who is different from the crowd ( pass by in white clouds) passar a noite em branco - to have a sleepless night ( see white mice) Hier steht es schwarz auf weiss - it's in writing, it's official (lit. to whitewash money) witte rook zien - the decision is made ( be in a black mood) l’or noir - in reference to the oil that represents a source of wealth ( white for fear) fare un assegno in bianco - dare un assegno senza scrivere la cifra (lit.some white) dire tantôt blanc, tantôt noir - to say something and its contrary at the same time ( whiten money) baltas pavydas - to be extremely jealous of something in a good way (lit.demigods in white) een wit voetje halen - to make a good impression (via flattery) (lit. the prince on the white horse) witte werkster - a household help whose income is reported for taxes ( on white) or blanc - in reference to the snow that represents a source of wealth (lit.make a blank check) mettere nero su bianco - to write down (lit. essay colours rainbow to see everything in black) être noir - to be black ( make white black) ba e albă, ba e neagră - it's contradictory, it keeps changing (lit.a white raven) w biały dzień - in broad daylight (lit.white collar) colère blanche - a big fit of anger ( eat oneself’s white bread first) noir sur blanc - stated clearly (lit.white lyrics) noapte albă - a sleepless night ( paint a situation in black) peste noire - the Black Plague that spread over Europe between 13 s’enfoncer dans le noir - to feel gloomy (lit.a white jealousy) baltas it popierius - to be extremely pale ( accounts) nero come la pece - very dark black (lit. sewn with white thread) arme blanch - a weapon with a blade, such as a knife ( have no success with someone romantically) essere bianco dalla paura - be very scared ( as pitch) pensieri neri - gloomy thoughts (lit. a white weapon) fixer dans le blanc des yeux - to look at someone with defiance (lit.the black oil) noir comme du charbon - very black (lit.white bulletin) chauffé à blanc - to be very angry ( get a white foot) wit rond de neus worden - getting scared (lit. a white worker (female) - to face your fear, achieve the seemingly impossible (lit.white cut) de but en blanc - without any preparation (lit.a white night) armă albă - an object with a blade which can be used as a weapon (lit.getting white around the nose) wit om de neus zien - looking nauseous (lit. to stare death in the white of the eye) hvitevarer - kitchen appliances such as fridge, stove and also washingmachines, tumbler dryer hvit løgn - a small or harmless lie in order to be polite or avoid hurting someones feelings biały kruk - something rare (lit.If you are left with svarteper, it means that you got the short straw.white mice)diventare rosso in viso - to become embarrassed ( put black on white) cusut cu aţă albă - obviously fake (lit. essay colours rainbow from the aim to the white) de la blanche - heroine (lit. essay colours rainbow

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