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dissertation eleusinian bacchic mysteries

dissertation eleusinian bacchic mysteriesDissertation eleusinian bacchic mysteries - That this astral light permeates the whole cosmos, lurking in its latent state even in the minutest particle of rock, they demonstrate by the phenomenon of the spark from flint and from every other stone, whose spirit when forcibly disturbed springs to sight spark-like, and immediately disappears in the realms of the unknowable.portions of the astral light which "fell down into generation and matter," but whose magnetic or spiritual emanations kept constantly a never-ceasing intercommunication between themselves and the parent-fount of all the astral light. But the law of gravitation has been counteracted in many instances, by levitations of persons and inanimate objects; how account *for this?Blind faith would no longer be necessary; he would have supplanted it with. 274 The gods of the Pantheons only natural forces . This control over the physical forces once obtained, alteration of his levity or gravity would be as easy as breathing. "Magic is the philosophy of alchemy," he says again.* Everything pertaining to the spiritual world must come to us through the stars, and if we are in friendship with them, we may attain the greatest effects. The condition of our physical systems, say theurgic philosophers, is largely dependent upon the action of our will.T, high-seated upon its rock of adamant, is alone eternal and supreme. We believe in no Magic which transcends the scope and capacity of the human mind, nor in "miracle," whether divine or diabolical, if such imply a transgression of the laws of nature instituted from all eternity. "The stars attract from us to themselves, and we again from them to us," he says. Professor Perty mentions a somnambulist, Koehler, who when in the water could not sink, but floated. In the Brahmanical sacrificial mysteries it plays the part of Sadasya, or superintendent over the magical effects of the religious performance, and it had its own appointed Hotar (or priest), who took its name.After that he could by degrees understand that a boundless and fathomless ocean of water existed. That is to say, organic or inorganic bodies, if left to themselves will constantly and involuntarily charge themselves with, and evolve the form of electricity opposed to that of the earth itself. According to the electrical law above stated, there is an attraction between our planet and the organisms upon it, which holds them upon the surface of the ground. The astral light is identical with the Hindu shows that the Hindus of fifty centuries ago ascribed to it the same properties as do the Thibetan lamas of the present day; that they regarded it as the source of life, the reservoir of all energy, and the propeller of every change of matter. In India, as in other countries in ancient times, the priests are the representatives on earth of different gods; each taking the name of the deity in whose name he acts. As the great cause must always remain invisible and imponderable, they could prove their assertions merely by demonstration of its effects in this world of matter, by calling them forth from the unknowable down into the knowable universe of effects.But it shows neither mercy for enthroned error, nor reverence for usurped authority. 57 Superficial generalizations of the French savants . Magic may have one signification to one class of readers and another to another class. In modern science, psychology relates only or principally to conditions of the nervous system, and almost absolutely ignores the psychical essence and nature.It calls for a restitution of borrowed robes, and the vindication of calumniated but glorious reputations. dissertation eleusinian bacchic mysteriesHE work now submitted to public judgment is the fruit of a somewhat intimate acquaintance with Eastern adepts and study of their science. It is charged with one form of electricity let us call it positive which it evolves continuously by spontaneous action, in its interior or centre of motion. "As fire passes through an iron stove, so do the stars pass through man with all their properties and go into him as the rain into the earth, which gives fruit out of that same rain. The similar case of Margaret Rule is cited by Upham in his "In ecstatic subjects," adds Professor Perty, "the rising in the air occurs much more frequently than with somnambulists. When the mesmerizer will have learned the grand secret of polarizing the action and endowing his fluid with a bisexual force he will have become the greatest magician living.The responded from the mercy-seat within the veil,* and science, theology, every human hypothesis and conception born of imperfect knowledge, lost forever their authoritative character in our sight. We shall give it the meaning which it has in the minds of its Oriental students and practitioners.It demands for a spoliated past, that credit for its achievements which has been too long withheld. If well-regulated, it can produce "miracles"; among others a change of this electrical polarity from negative to positive; the man's relations with the earth-magnet would then become repellent, and "gravity" for him would have ceased to exist.In our studies, mysteries were shown to be no mysteries. 1 Ancient traditions supported by modern research . Men and parties, sects and schools are but the mere ephemera of the world's day. Human bodies, in common with all other forms of matter, are charged with the opposite form of electricity negative. "Without the attractions of the earth you would have no weight," says Professor Stewart;* "and if you had an earth twice as heavy as this, you would have double the attraction." How then, can we get rid of this attraction? The designation is ancient, and was used by some of the Neoplatonists. The astral light alone, as the chief agent in magic, can discover to us all secrets of nature.For the first time we received the assurance that the Oriental philosophy has room for no other faith than an absolute and immovable faith in the omnipotence of man's own immortal self. And there may, likewise, be other forces than material ones which can counteract this power." A Madrid journal, of a recent date, reports the case of a young peasant girl near Santiago, which possesses a peculiar interest in this connection. A symbolical explanation of throbacy is given in an old Syriac manuscript which was translated in the fifteenth century by one Malchus, an alchemist.When the Pope can go to the extreme of fulminating anathemas against all who maintain the liberty of the Press and of speech, or who insist that in the conflict of laws, civil and ecclesiastical, the civil law should prevail, or that any method of instruction solely secular, may be approved; and Mr. the impregnable position of science may be stated in a few words: we claim, and we shall wrest from theology, the entire domain of cosmological theory" the end is not difficult to foresee. Tyndall, as the mouth-piece of nineteenth century science, says, ". Centuries of subjection have not quite congealed the life-blood of men into crystals around the nucleus of blind faith; and the nineteenth is witnessing the struggles of the giant as he shakes off the Liliputian cordage and rises to his feet. It is an attempt to aid the student to detect the vital principles which underlie the philosophical systems of old. It is meant to do even justice, and to speak the truth alike without malice or prejudice. dissertation eleusinian bacchic mysteries Surely such men as Roger Bacon, Agrippa, Henry Kunrath, and the Arabian Geber (the first to introduce into Europe some of the secrets of chemistry), can hardly be treated as impostors least of all as fools.Nevertheless, we accept the saying of the gifted author of that the human heart has not yet fully uttered itself, and that we have never attained or even understood the extent of its powers. The logic of evolution must teach as much, if carried to its legitimate conclusions. Is it too much to believe that man should be developing new sensibilities and a closer relation with nature? Night rests humanity from the day's activity, and restores the equilibrium of human as well as of cosmic nature. Some people nay, the great majority have accused alchemists of charlatanry and false pretending.From such as these we apprehend criticism, censure, and perhaps hostility, although the obstacles in our way neither spring from the validity of proof, the authenticated facts of history, nor the lack of common sense among the public whom we address. "Two bars of magnetized iron held over her horizontally, half a metre distant, was sufficient to suspend her body in the air." Were our physicians to experiment on such levitated subjects, it would be found that they are strongly charged with a similar form of electricity to that of the spot, which, according to the law of gravitation, ought to also, the name of Egypt. 206 Psychical phenomena depend on physical surroundings . It would then be as natural for him to rush into the air until the repellent force had exhausted itself, as, before, it had been for him to remain upon the ground.Even the Protestant communion of England and America, now engaged in the revision of the text of its will be compelled to show the origin and merits of the text itself. Everything is double in nature; magnetism is positive and negative, active and passive, male and female.Such knowledge is priceless; and it has been hidden only from those who overlooked it, derided it, or denied its existence. Tell one who had never seen water, that there is an ocean of water, and he must accept it on faith or reject it altogether. We are so accustomed to consider gravitation as being a something absolute and unalterable, that the idea of a complete or partial rising in opposition to it seems inadmissible; nevertheless, there are phenomena in which, by means of material forces, gravitation is overcome.Toward no form of worship, no religious faith, no scientific hypothesis has its criticism been directed in any other spirit. Each day brings the reactionists nearer to the point where they must surrender the despotic authority over the public conscience, which they have so long enjoyed and exercised. Yet we do not hesitate to accept the assertion of Biff, that "the essential is forever the same. In connection with the case of Simon Magus, one passage reads thus: "Simon, laying his face upon the ground, whispered in her ear, 'O mother Earth, give me, I pray thee, some of thy breath; and I will give thee mine; O mother, that I may carry thy words to the stars, and I will return faithfully to thee after a while.' And the Earth strengthening her status, none to her detriment, sent her genius to breathe of her and the stars rejoiced to be visited by the mighty One." The starting-point here is the recognized electro-chemical principle that bodies similarly electrified repel each other, while those differently electrified mutually attract. "The most elementary knowledge of chemistry," says Professor Cooke, "shows that, while radicals of opposite natures combine most eagerly together, two metals, or two closely-allied metalloids, show but little affinity for each other." The earth is a magnetic body; in fact, as some scientists have found, it is one vast magnet, as Paracelsus affirmed some 300 years ago. dissertation eleusinian bacchic mysteries The one-living God had spoken through his oracleman, and we were satisfied. When one sees mortal man displaying tremendous capabilities, controlling the forces of nature and opening up to view the world of spirit, the reflective mind is overwhelmed with the conviction that if one man's spiritual prove the soul of man by its wondrous powers you have proved God! The altitude of his levitation would be measured by his ability, greater or less, to charge his body with positive electricity. In its latent state it tallies exactly with our idea of the universal ether; in its active state it became the Aksa, the all-directing and omnipotent god. And so with the words so called, among modern spiritualists.To show that we do not at all conceal from ourselves the gravity of our undertaking, we may say in advance that it would not be strange if the following classes should array themselves against us: * Lightfoot assures us that this voice, which had been used in times past for a testimony from heaven, "was indeed performed by magic art" (vol. It is the object of this work to correct the erroneous opinions concerning "magic art." Dogmatic assumptions of modern science and theology . As to the most general effects of the Aksa, the author of one of the most modern works on the occult philosophy, soul, both as an entity distinct from the spirit and in its relations with the spirit and body.But let one drop fall upon his hand, and he then has the fact from which all the rest may be inferred. The latter, they said, can never be demonstrated but by the former. He speaks of Anna Fleisher, who being subject to epileptic fits, was often seen by the Superintendent to rise in the air; and was once, in the presence of two trustworthy witnesses (two deans) and others, raised two and a half yards from her bed in a horizontal position. The result of this is Lthe temperature of his breath; but how to protect one's self from either hot or cold air, no physiologist has yet learned with certainty.Names and places that to the Western mind have only a significance derived from Eastern fable, were shown to be realities. In several diseases as, for instance, nervous fever the weight of the human body seems to be increased, but in all ecstatic conditions to be diminished.The day of domineering over men with dogmas has reached its gloaming. At the moment of the sacrifice, the latter becomes imbued with the spirit of Brahma, and so for the time being is Brahma himself. Now observe that the stars through the shell comes the air, and penetrates to the centre of the world." The human body is subjected as well as the earth, and planets, and stars, to a double law; it attracts and repels, for it is saturated through with double magnetism, the influx of the astral light. The Rosicrucians of the middle ages, such as Robertus de Fluctibus (Robert Fludd), Paracelsus, Thomas Vaughan (Eugenius Philalethes), Van Helmont, and others, were all alchemists, who sought for the in every inorganic matter. Porphyry describes the celestial body which is always joined with the soul as "immortal, luminous, and star-like." The root of this word may be found, perhaps, in the Scythic they searched for the latter in the astral ocean of invisible fire which encompasses the world; and claim to have traced the equally invisible divine spirit, which overshadows every man and is erroneously called God. The seeress of Prevorst rose to the surface of the bath and could not be kept seated in it. This is the evident origin of the Christian dogma of transubstantiation. dissertation eleusinian bacchic mysteries Blind faith would no longer be necessary; he would have supplanted it with. dissertation eleusinian bacchic mysteries

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