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alexander the great religion essayAlexander the great religion essay -Since he wants to attract as many customers as possible, he sets up a NO BLACKS ALLOWED sign in front of his restaurant. She doesn’t believe that any race is better than any other, just that they would all be happier if they were separate and able to do their own thing.After the London attacks, I heard someone ask “Do you have to be a racist to want to restrict immigration from Muslim countries?Suppose some tyrant wants to kill the ten million richest white people, then redistribute their things to black people.Consider Charles Murray saying that he believes black people are genetically less intelligent than white people.But except in maybe the most deranged serial killers, it’s never pursued because of an inherent preference for murder.She notices that immigrants from certain countries seem to be more socialist and more anti-gay than the average American native.But overall the question will get you looked at funny. ” should lead to a discussion of Obama’s policies and which races were helped or hurt by them; issues like Obama’s own race and his personal feelings shouldn’t come up at all.She would not use genocide to eliminate other races in these areas, but hopes that once the partition is set up races would migrate of their own accord. As usual, the answer is that “racism” is a confusing word that serves as a mishmash of unlike concepts.People like to ask questions like “Did racism contribute to electing Donald Trump?So by this definition, resisting this tyrant would be racist.The second person is questioning whether their motivation for restricting immigration is really this belief (in which case it would be ok) or if they’re motivated by an irrational hatred of minorities (in which case it would be racism).She worries that they will become citizens and vote for socialist anti-gay policies.I’m not trying to say that Definition By Motives is the one “real” definition.After looking up various arguments, counterarguments, and the position of experts in the field, he decides that this is probably true.All of our word usage is a mess; we hardly ever use anything simply or consistently, let alone a complicated word like “racism”. “Murderism” is the ideology that murdering people is good and letting them live is bad.“This policy is racist” can no longer be a strong argument against a policy, even when it’s true.In fact, for the KKK not to march in this situation would be racist!Murderism won’t stop until people understand that it’s not okay to be murderist.Is it racist to believe that Muslims commit more terrorism than white people?She supports a partition plan that gives whites the US Midwest, Latinos the Southwest, and blacks the Southeast, leaving the Northeast and Northwest as multiracial enclaves for people who like that kind of thing.alexander the great religion essaySo next time you hear people opposing police militarization, or speaking out in favor of euthanasia – tell them that that’s murderism and it’s not okay. Back in our own universe, we recognize that “murderism” is silly: it confuses cause and effect.He is studying psychology, and encounters The Bell Curve and its theory that some of the difference in cognitive skills between races is genetic.But I also think it’s uniquely bad at capturing the way anyone uses the word “racism” in real life. First, by this definition, racism can never cause anything.I’m not just making the argument “lots of things aren’t really racist”.Murder is an effect of other goals – sometimes base, sometimes noble – and the invocation of “murderism” only serves to hide these goals and conflate different actions into a single meaningless category.But anybody who supports murder, whether knife-wielding gangster or policy analyst – is murderist and responsible for the effects of their murderism.Other bus routes, most of which go through equally poor mostly-white neighborhoods, are not affected. is a gay libertarian who is a two-issue voter: free markets and gay rights.Imagine having to convince someone that a guy who committed homicide “isn’t really murderist”. And if you only break down non-racist things into non-racist motives, what reward shall you have?It should be solved by censoring the works of philosopher David Benatar, who writes about how being alive is bad and it’s morally better not to exist at all.Democrats claim to be better, but they support openly murderist ideas like euthanasia, promoting the killing of our oldest and most vulnerable citizens.Is it more or less racist if then you add “…but this is because Islam is a violent religion that encourages murder, and has nothing to do with the genetics of Middle Eastern people”?Not only have I never heard anyone try to grapple with these implications, I see no sign anyone has ever thought of them.What if you’ve done a lot of calculations of per capita terrorist attacks and you can quote exact numbers that prove your point?And now that I’ve brought them up, I don’t think anyone will accept them as true, or even worry about the discrepancy.If you believed that gangsters killed their rivals because of murderism, then there’s no point in examining how poverty interacts with gang membership, or whether the breakdown of law forces people to form gangs to defend themselves.” sounds very odd in this framework, sort of like “Does Bob cause poverty?The march is well-covered on various news organizations, and outrages people around the nation, who donate a lot of money to anti-racist organizations and push for stronger laws against the KKK.Fourth, by this definition, it becomes impossible to assess the racism of an action without knowing all its consequences.If the drug dealer could protect his business equally well by politely requesting people stay off his territory, that would be much easier.Plausibly, the net consequences of the march were (unintentionally) very good for black people and damaging to white supremacy. alexander the great religion essay The first person is stating a belief that Muslims are more likely to be terrorists.Or by banning high school Goths, whose pro-death aesthetic makes murderism seem cool to teens and causes them to harbor murderist thoughts as adults. But it’s the same confusion between the Definition By Consequences versus the Definition By Motive that we saw was a hallmark of racism. Belief in murderism creates a hostile and ineffective society whose weird beliefs can only be countered by accepting that murder is rarely a terminal goal, but a usually result of strategies pursued for other reasons.Republicans push murderist policies like the invasion of Iraq, which caused the murder of thousands of Iraqis.Definition By Motives: An irrational feeling of hatred toward some race that causes someone to want to hurt or discriminate against them. Definition By Belief: A belief that some race has negative qualities or is inferior, especially if this is innate/genetic. Definition By Consequences: Anything whose consequence is harm to minorities or promotion of white supremacy, regardless of whether or not this is intentional.So Definition By Consequences implies that racism can never be pointed to as a cause of anything, that racist policies can often be good, that nobody “is a racist” or “isn’t a racist”, and that sometimes the KKK trying to terrorize black people is less racist than them not trying to do this.Our two major parties have many differences – but both are united in their support for murderism.Suppose the KKK holds a march through some black neighborhood to terrorize the residents.The other neighborhood is mostly white, and a lot of them are New Reformed Eastern Evangelical Episcopalian like Alice, and everyone on the block is obsessed with putting up really twee overdone Christmas decorations just like she is.One of the neighborhoods in her city is mostly Middle Eastern immigrants; Alice has trouble understanding their accents, and when they socialize they talk about things like which kinds of hijab are in fashion right now.The problem is just that gangsters have murderist values.I think this is probably because it’s a motte-and-bailey, more something that gets trotted out to win arguments than anything people actually use in real life.Therefore, by the Sophisticated Definition, the KKK marching the neighborhood to terrorize black residents was not racist.Some of Murray’s critics object that this should be suppressed, even if true, because it could be used to justify racism. Imagine Murray was a geologist, pointing out that Antarctica contained mostly sedimentary rock.Is it racist to believe that Pygmies are shorter than white people?” Is it racist to believe that Mexicans are more criminal than white people?Advocates of these policies might think that just because they’re not gangsters with knives, they must not be murderists.In order to prevent this, she supports a ban on immigration from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. is a progressive member of the ACLU and NAACP who has voted straight Democrat the last five elections.I imagine other people used one of the other two definitions, or a different definition of their own, and were able to navigate all of the objections and counterexamples down here in Part II successfully.She works together with black separatist groups, believing that they share a common vision, and she hopes their countries will remain allies once they are separate. Here are some of the definitions people use for racism: 1.” we mean “Did people elect Trump because they irrationally hated minorities and wanted to discriminate against them? When we say that it wouldn’t be racist to resist a tyrant who wants to kill whites, we mean that such resistance is a good policy, which would be pursued for reasons other than just irrationally hating minorities and wanting to discriminate against them. When we claim a specific person (Bob, Barack Obama) is racist, we mean that they irrationally hate minorities and want to discriminate against them. When we say that the KKK marching through a black neighborhood to terrorize people is racist regardless of its consequences, we mean that it’s motivated by an irrational hatred of minorities and desire to discriminate against them. When we ask whether it’s racist to believe Mexicans are poorer than whites, we’re asking whether someone would only say that because they irrationally hate Mexicans and want to discriminate against them. Somebody who believes that Mexicans are more criminal than white people might just be collecting crime stats, but we’re suspicious that they might use this to justify an irrational hatred toward Mexicans and desire to discriminate against them. When people ask whether immigration restricts are really due to fear of terrorism vs. alexander the great religion essay ” No doubt Bob has done a few things which either help or hurt economic equality in some small way.Definition By Motive can even trump Definition By Belief when we’re talking about innate/genetic difference.So under this definition, good policies which deserve our support can nevertheless be racist.If you want to stretch it, add the neocon who wants to “liberate” foreign countries, the cancer patient who wants to “die with dignity”, or the activist who wants to keep people out of jail.Most murderers would probably prefer not to have to kill.He remains active in the ACLU, the NAACP, and various anti-racist efforts in his community. is a restauranteur who is motivated entirely by profit.Or can you just be really worried about the terrorism risk? Some of them said no, it was perfectly reasonable to be worried about terrorism. First, a belief that Muslims are often terrorists and so we should crack down on them. These things are considered opposing explanations, such that if we believe the first one, we can dismiss the second – or, if we admit the second, that proves the first was claimed dishonestly. (compare: “I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and those who believe in Him gain eternal life.” “No, you’re just using that as a smokescreen to cover up that you’re Christian!She decides to move to the white neighborhood, which she thinks is a better cultural fit. is the mayor of Exampleburg, whose bus system has been losing a lot of money lately and will have to scale back its routes.And it’s possible that Bob is one of the rare people who organizes his life around crusading against poverty, or around crusading against attempts to end poverty.What if you add “Mexicans are only poor because of being oppressed and discriminated against?Murder is usually an effect of a strategy pursued for other a white stay-at-home mother who is moving to a new neighborhood.But obviously this tyrant is evil and resisting him is the right thing to do.But in fact the counterprotesters outnumber the marchers ten to one, and people are actually reassured that the community supports them.After all, being poor is generally considered bad, so you’re attributing a bad quality to a minority group.Talking about murderism isn’t just uninformative, it’s actively confusing.He decides that the bus system should cut its least-used route.If the soldier could win his war without bloodshed, so much the better for everybody.He avoids talking about this because he expects other people would misinterpret it and use it as a justification for racism; he thinks this would be completely unjustified since a difference of a few IQ points has no effect on anyone’s basic humanity.Some thoughts: I know that Definition By Consequences is the really sophisticated one, the ones that scholars in the area are most likely to unite around. alexander the great religion essay Suppose some tyrant wants to kill the ten million richest white people, then redistribute their things to black people. alexander the great religion essay

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