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500 world essay 1 page500 world essay 1 page -If it’s not for money and it’s not for girls—what is it for? Maybe it’s not mysterious and he’s just playing the long game, holding out: not a billion dollars but a hundred billion dollars. No doubt the filmmakers considered this option, but you can see their dilemma: how to convey the pleasure of programming—if such a pleasure exists—in a way that is both cinematic and comprehensible?However, in the Malaysian context, getting a recipe from a friend or relative does not necessarily mean that the recipe will guarantee you success in coming out with the dish.Perhaps this is the disjunct between real Zuckerberg and fake Zuckerberg: the movie places him in the Roman world of betrayal and excess, but the real Zuckerberg may belong in the Greek, perhaps with the Stoics (“eliminating desire”? There’s a clue in the two Zuckerbergs’ relative physiognomies: real Zuckerberg (especially in profile) is Greek sculpture, noble, featureless, a little like the Doryphorus (only facially, mind—his torso is definitely not seven times his head).It’s a talkie, for goodness’ sake, with as many words per minute as His Girl Friday.As with all seriously addictive things, giving up proved to be immeasurably harder than starting.How “Groups” will work alongside “Facebook Connect” remains to be seen.Facebook Connect is the “next iteration of Facebook Platform,” in which users are “allowed” to “‘connect’ their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any site.” In this new, open Internet, we will take our real identities with us as we travel through the Internet.In an interview on The Today Show, Matt Lauer asked Zuckerberg the same question, but because Matt Lauer doesn’t listen to people when they talk, he accepted the following answer and moved on to the next question: “Yeah, so what’ll happen is that none of that information will be shared with anyone going forward.”You want to be optimistic about your own generation.On the question of privacy, Zuckerberg informed the world: “That social norm is just something that has evolved over time.” On this occasion, the world protested, loudly, and so Facebook has responded with “Groups,” a site revamp that will allow people to divide their friends into “cliques,” some who see more of our profile and some who see less.Like many a nerd before him, Zuckerberg is too hyped on the idea that he’s in heaven to notice he’s in hell. Several times the script tries to square the real Zuckerberg’s apparent indifference to money with the plot arc of The Social Network—and never quite succeeds.Ingredients are usually given in specific measurements, either in the metric or imperial system.What’s striking about Zuckerberg’s vision of an open Internet is the very blandness it requires to function, as Facebook members discovered when the site changed their privacy settings, allowing more things to become more public, with the (unintended?It’ll be a long time before a cinema geek comes along to push Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who plays Zuckerberg, off the top of our nerd typologies. The shifty boredom when anyone, other than himself, is speaking. Eisenberg even chooses the correct nerd walk: not the sideways corridor shuffle (the Don’t Hit Me! An extended four-minute shot has him doing exactly this all the way through the Harvard campus, before he lands finally where he belongs, the only place he’s truly comfortable, in front of his laptop, with his blog: Oh, yeah. If it’s a three-act movie it’s because Zuckerberg screws over more people than a two-act movie can comfortably hold: the Winklevoss twins and Divya Navendra (from whom Zuckerberg allegedly stole the Facebook concept), and then his best friend, Eduardo Saverin (the CFO he edged out of the company), and finally Sean Parker, the boy king of Napster, the music-sharing program, although he, to be fair, pretty much screws himself.Fake Mark looks Roman, with all the precise facial detail filled in.But if the hipsters and nerds are hoping for Fincher’s usual pyrotechnics they will be disappointed: in a lawyer’s office there’s not a lot for Fincher to do.Paraphernalia in the kitchen was also used as units of measurement.The following is a delightful essay on the Nyonyas and their intuitive style of cooking using the agak agak method. A recipe, according to the definition in the dictionary, is a set of ingredients and instructions on how to prepare a dish.Again, we know its basic outline: a velvet rope, a cocktail waitress who treats you like a king, the best of everything on tap, a special booth of your own, fussy tiny expensive food (“Could you bring out some things? I don’t know, tuna tartar, some lobster claws, the foie gras and the shrimp dumplings, that’ll get us started”), appletinis, a Victoria’s Secret model date, wild house parties, fancy cars, slick suits, cocaine, and a “sky’s the limit” objective: “A million dollars isn’t cool. Fincher keeps the thumping Euro house music turned up to exactly the level it would be in real life: the actors have to practically scream to be heard above it.Instead of a definitive number of grammes for the flour, she had written 30 eggshells of flour!At the time, though, I felt distant from Zuckerberg and all the kids at Harvard.500 world essay 1 pageI still feel distant from them now, ever more so, as I increasingly opt out (by choice, by default) of the things they have embraced. Specifically we have different ideas about what a person is, or should be.Then again, the more time I spend with the tail end of Generation Facebook (in the shape of my students) the more convinced I become that some of the software currently shaping their generation is unworthy of them. From the opening scene it’s clear that this is a movie about 2.0 people made by 1.0 people (Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher, forty-nine and forty-eight respectively).Or maybe the whole Internet will simply become like Facebook: falsely jolly, fake-friendly, self-promoting, slickly disingenuous.At the end of the film, when all the suing has come to an end (“Pay them.A boy, Mark, and his girl, Erica, sit at a little table in a Harvard bar, zinging each other, in that relentless Sorkin style made famous by The West Wing (though at no point does either party say “Walk with me”—for this we should be grateful).It’s a Generation Facebook instinct to expect (hope?This vision is also wafer-thin, and Fincher satirizes it mercilessly. A billion dollars.” Over cocktails in a glamorous nightclub, Parker dazzles Zuckerberg with tales of the life that awaits him on the other side of a billion.In the scheme of things it’s a parking ticket”), we’re offered a Zuckerberg slumped before his laptop, still obsessed with the long-lost Erica, sending a “Friend request” to her on Facebook, and then refreshing the page, over and over, in expectation of her reply….There are big eggs and small eggs.” And so, I had to experiment in the kitchen, enjoying myself tremendously while doing so.This despite the fact that I can say (like everyone else on Harvard’s campus in the fall of 2003) that “I was there” at Facebook’s inception, and remember Facemash and the fuss it caused; also that tiny, exquisite movie star trailed by fan-boys through the snow wherever she went, and the awful snow itself, turning your toes gray, destroying your spirit, bringing a bloodless end to a squirrel on my block: frozen, inanimate, perfect—like the Blaschka glass flowers.The real Zuckerberg is much more like his website, on each page of which, once upon a time (2004), he emblazoned the legend: A Mark Zuckerberg Production.Movies are notoriously bad at showing the pleasures and rigors of art-making, even when the medium is familiar. Fincher makes a brave stab at showing the intensity of programming in action (“He’s wired in,” people say to other people to stop them disturbing a third person who sits before a laptop wearing noise-reducing earphones) and there’s a “vodka-shots-and-programming” party in Zuckerberg’s dorm room that gives us some clue of the pleasures.To put it another way, if you feel discomfort at the world they’re making, you want to have a good reason for it.Timberlake shimmies into view in the third act to offer the audience, and Zuckerberg, the very same thing, essentially, that he’s been offering us for the past decade in his videos: a vision of the good life.Many of their secrets are being lost as the older generations pass on.Watching him interviewed I found myself waiting for the verbal wit, the controlled and articulate sarcasm of that famous Zuckerberg kid—then remembered that was only Sorkin.Ask the traditional (a ladle made out of a coconut shell).I wanted to ask, “But Ma, what size is the eggshell?We came to the cinema expecting to meet this guy and it’s a pleasure to watch Sorkin color in what we had already confidently sketched in our minds. To get money, which leads to popularity, which leads to girls.Fincher’s contemporary window-dressing is so convincing that it wasn’t until this very last scene that I realized the obvious progenitor of this wildly enjoyable, wildly inaccurate biopic. 500 world essay 1 page You want to keep pace with them and not to fear what you don’t understand.Controlled but dull, bright and clean but uniformly plain, nonideological, affectless.In Zuckerberg’s New Yorker profile it is revealed that his own Facebook page lists, among his interests, Minimalism, revolutions, and “eliminating desire.” We also learn of his affection for the culture and writings of ancient Greece.Gay kids became un-gay, partiers took down their party photos, political firebrands put out their fires.While she owned a hand-copied recipe book full of Western recipes such as cakes, pudding and pies, she seldom wrote down any of her recipes. I remember trying to record some of her recipes in writing for posterity. “So, Ma, how many shallots do I need for the (coconut milk), sugar and flour. “One kati, just as you said, auntie,” Harriet replied. The consistency should be such that when you scoop up the batter in a ladle, the batter should flow smoothly and yet not be runny. .” It has been many years since my mother passed away.But even if we spent half the film looking at those busy screens (and we do get glimpses), most of us would be none the wiser. The striking thing about the real Zuckerberg, in video and in print, is the relative banality of his ideas concerning the “Why” of Facebook.It’s that kind of kid we’re dealing with, the kind who would never screw a groupie in a bar toilet—as happens in the movie—or leave his doctor girlfriend for a Victoria’s Secret model.Hollywood still believes that behind every mogul there’s an idée fixe: Rosebud—meet Erica.These hats are served with a filling of shredded turnip, carrot and chili, topped with crabmeat, egg, spring onions and fried garlic and shallot bits.) I groaned when I saw her recipe – the ingredients were measured in non-specific terms.Maybe it will be like an intensified version of the Internet I already live in, where ads for dental services stalk me from pillar to post and I am continually urged to buy my own books.With Facebook hours, afternoons, entire days went by without my noticing.I kept changing my mind: Facebook remains the greatest distraction from work I’ve ever had, and I loved it for that. Some work-avoidance techniques are onerous in themselves and don’t make time move especially quickly: smoking, eating, calling people up on the phone.In real life we can be all these people on our own terms, in our own way, with whom we choose. Or else got bored of waiting for us to change in the ways it’s betting we will.I’m so utterly 1.0 that I spent an hour of the movie trying to detect any difference between the twins.) Their arms move suspiciously fast, faster than real human arms, their muscles seem outlined by a fine pen, the water splashes up in individual droplets as if painted by Caravaggio, and the music!The Nyonyas are famed for their wonderful, hot, spicy, piquant food and their incredible culinary skills.If you love means to guess or estimate, and this was how the Nyonyas of old measured their ingredients – by estimation.He is, to say the least, dispassionate about the philosophical questions concerning privacy—and sociality itself—raised by his ingenious program.On the other hand, you’ll also take your likes and dislikes with you, your tastes, your preferences, all connected to your name, through which people will try to sell you things.At my screening, blocks from NYU, the audience thrilled with intimate identification.And of course if you’ve eliminated desire you’ve got nothing to hide, right? 500 world essay 1 page For all these reasons I quit Facebook about two months after I’d joined it. I must be in Mark Zuckerberg’s generation—there are only nine years between us—but somehow it doesn’t feel that way.Zuckerberg, with his steady relationship and his rented house and his refusal to get angry on television even when people are being very rude to him (he sweats instead), has something of the teenage Stoic about him.This is especially so if you are trying to get a recipe from someone from the older generation, say 70 years and above, as our mothers, grandmothers and predecessors cooked not by following set recipes but by intuition and years of practice.It’s this type of kid who would think that giving people less privacy was a good idea.(“Final clubs,” says Mark, correcting Erica, as they discuss those exclusive Harvard entities, “Not Finals clubs.”) He doesn’t understand what’s happening as she tries to break up with him. To create this Zuckerberg, Sorkin barely need brush his pen against the page.He has to content himself with excellent and rapid cutting between Harvard and the later court cases, and after that, the discreet pleasures of another, less-remarked-upon Fincher skill: great casting. Around him Fincher arranges a convincing bunch of 1.0 humans, by turns betrayed and humiliated by him, and as the movie progresses they line up to sue him.Or as Mark pleasantly puts it across a conference table: “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook you’d have invented Facebook.”All that’s left for Zuckerberg is to meet the devil at the crossroads: naturally he’s an Internet music entrepreneur.But that doesn’t explain why the teenage Zuckerberg gave away his free app for an MP3 player (similar to the very popular Pandora, as it recognized your taste in music), rather than selling it to Microsoft.Instead of a hundred grammes of this, or 500 millimeters of that, ingredients were measured by terms such as an inch of this, a toss of that, a handful of this and a fistful of that.(Top Hats’ or snack comprising crispy pastry moulds in the shape of little hats.Perhaps Generation Facebook have built their virtual mansions in good faith, in order to house the People 2.0 they genuinely are, and if I feel uncomfortable within them it is because I am stuck at Person 1.0. In The Social Network Generation Facebook gets a movie almost worthy of them, and this fact, being so unexpected, makes the film feel more delightful than it probably, objectively, is.But something is not right with this young man: his eye contact is patchy; he doesn’t seem to understand common turns of phrase or ambiguities of language; he is literal to the point of offense, pedantic to the point of aggression. He doesn’t get that what he may consider a statement of fact might yet have, for this other person, some personal, painful import: Simply put, he is a computer nerd, a social “autistic”: a type as recognizable to Fincher’s audience as the cynical newshound was to Howard Hawks’s.Halfway through the film, he inserts a ravishing but quite unnecessary scene of the pretty Winklevoss twins (for a story of nerds, all the men are surprisingly comely) at the Henley Regatta. (One actor, Armie Hammer, has been digitally doubled.When I finally decided to put a stop to it, once and for all, I was left with the question bothering everybody: Are you ever truly removed, once and for all?Generation Facebook’s obsession with this type of “celebrity lifestyle” is more than familiar. But would Zuckerberg recognize it, the real Zuckerberg? In a scene in which Mark argues with a lawyer, Sorkin attempts a sleight of hand, swapping an interest in money for an interest in power: Ma’am, I know you’ve done your homework and so you know that money isn’t a big part of my life, but at the moment I could buy Harvard University, take the Phoenix Club and turn it into my ping pong room.I often worry that my idea of personhood is nostalgic, irrational, inaccurate.At no point in time was the Nyonya required to go out to buy a weighing scale or a set of measuring cups or spoons. But try asking her for the recipe and she may encounter the greatest difficulty tying to concretize the process in her head in standard measurements!) that a pop star will fall on his face in the cinema, but Justin Timberlake, as Sean Parker, neatly steps over that expectation: whether or not you think he’s a shmuck, he sure plays a great shmuck.Harriet went home and followed the recipe faithfully but found to her dismay that the pancakes turned out hard and doughy. Inside she had scribbled her recipe for the ‘Top Hats’ batter. 500 world essay 1 page Perhaps this is the disjunct between real Zuckerberg and fake Zuckerberg: the movie places him in the Roman world of betrayal and excess, but the real Zuckerberg may belong in the Greek, perhaps with the Stoics (“eliminating desire”? There’s a clue in the two Zuckerbergs’ relative physiognomies: real Zuckerberg (especially in profile) is Greek sculpture, noble, featureless, a little like the Doryphorus (only facially, mind—his torso is definitely not seven times his head). 500 world essay 1 page

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