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english essay on coloursEnglish essay on colours -Hasty, inaccurate, and superficial, snatching now this poem, now that scrap of old furniture, without caring where he finds it or of what nature it may be so long as it serves his purpose and rounds his structure, his deficiencies as a critic are too obvious to be pointed out; but if he has, as Dr.At any rate, men still living could remember John's grandfather Clement tilling his own land, a hard-working peasant; and William, Clement's son, becoming a judge and buying land; and John, William's son, marrying well and buying more land and quite lately inheriting the vast new castle at Caister, and all Sir John's lands in Norfolk and Suffolk.The outlying parts of one's property were in perpetual jeopardy.Alms were distributed; masses and dirges were said. Great quantities of fowls, sheep, pigs, eggs, bread, and cream were devoured, ale and wine drunk, and candles burnt.Similar research is being done into cancer and multiple sclerosis.Aspirin, for example, damages pregnant mice and dogs, but not pregnant women.Margaret Paston, a softer-hearted woman, turned her daughter out of the house for loving the honest bailiff Richard Calle.He was a "drone among bees", the father burst out, "which labour for gathering honey in the fields, and the drone doth naught but taketh his part of it".The soul was no wisp of air, but a solid body capable of eternal suffering, and the fire that destroyed it was as fierce as any that burnt on mortal grates.In this page, you will concentrate on one discursive essay structure. 2 One of my main reasons for saying this is that living tissues can be grown in test tubes and new drugs can be tested on these.Some are based upon articles written for various newspapers, while others appear now for the first time. I rejoice to concur with the common reader; for by the common sense of readers, uncorrupted by literary prejudices, after all the refinements of subtilty and the dogmatism of learning, must be finally decided all claim to poetical honours." It defines their qualities; it dignifies their aims; it bestows upon a pursuit which devours a great deal of time, and is yet apt to leave behind it nothing very substantial, the sanction of the great man's approval. Johnson implies, differs from the critic and the scholar. Whilst reading the essay, consider the following questions, writing down your ideas - 1 A subject which always arouses strong feelings on both sides of the argument is the use of animals in medical research.With the plan of existence so vigorously marked out, children of course were well beaten, and boys and girls taught to know their places.This world is but a thoroughfare, and full of woe; and when we depart therefrom, right nought bear with us but our good deeds and ill." The thought of death would thus come upon them in a clap.That is what they talk about at dinner in the desolate house, while the chimney smokes horribly, and the draught lifts the carpets on the floor.Two panes were taken from the church windows to let out the reek of the torches.The Duke of Norfolk might covet this manor, the Duke of Suffolk that.But the quarrel was ended, very shortly, by the death (22nd May 1466) of John Paston, the father, in London.Some trumped-up excuse, as for instance that the Pastons were bondmen, gave them the right to seize the house and batter down the lodges in the owner's absence.The British Union against Vivisection claims that 75% of animals experimented on are given no anaesthetic.english essay on coloursWhatever doubts, indeed, might be cast by their enemies on the blood of the Pastons, Sir John was unmistakably a gentleman.He had fought at Agincourt and got but little reward. He was a hot-tempered old man, powerful, embittered by a sense of grievance.Now that you have read the essay and, hopefully, written down some ideas in response to the questions, look over the following commentson the essay.They also argue that experiments on animals have been very useful in the past.These tests do not always work because animals do not react to drugs in the same way as humans.The King was mad too, they said; did not know his own child, they said; or the King was in flight; or there was civil war in the land.The fathers quarrelled with the sons, and the mothers, fonder of their boys than of their girls, yet bound by all law and custom to obey their husbands, were torn asunder in their efforts to keep the peace.But now jackdaws nest on the tower, and of the castle, which once covered six acres of ground, only ruined walls remain, pierced by loop-holes and surmounted by battlements, though there are neither archers within nor cannon without. Nevertheless, the little bit of wood at Bromholm, the fragment of the true Cross, brought pilgrims incessantly to the Priory, and sent them away with eyes opened and limbs straightened.For instance, the lives of ten million human diabetics have been saved because of experiments with insulin on dogs.He treated his parents with insolence, and yet was fit for no charge of responsibility abroad.And how could the owner of Paston and Mauteby and Drayton and Gresham be in five or six places at once, especially now that Caister Castle was his, and he must be in London trying to get his rights recognised by the King?Yet his own indolent and luxurious temperament took the edge from both.As for the "seven religious men" and the "seven poor folk" who should, at this very moment, be praying for the souls of Sir John and his parents, there is no sign of them nor sound of their prayers. But some of them with their newly-opened eyes saw a sight which shocked them--the grave of John Paston in Bromholm Priory without a tombstone. The Pastons had fallen; they that had been so powerful could no longer afford a stone to put above John Paston's head.With all her pains, Margaret failed to prevent rash acts on the part of her eldest son John, or the bitter words with which his father denounced him.Dogs also benefited, as the same drug can be used on them.Brothers would not suffer their sisters to marry beneath them, and "sell candle and mustard in Framlingham".Johnson's Life of Gray which might well be written up in all those rooms, too humble to be called libraries, yet full of books, where the pursuit of reading is carried on by private people. He reads for his own pleasure rather than to impart knowledge or correct the opinions of others.9 In conclusion, I accept that animal experiments have brought great benefits in the past, but now money needs to be spent on developing other methods of testing drugs and medical procedures, so that the use of animals can be phased out altogether.Tests can be done on bacteria to see whether a chemical will cause cancer.Johnson maintained, some say in the final distribution of poetical honours, then, perhaps, it may be worth while to write down a few of the ideas and opinions which, insignificant in themselves, yet contribute to so mighty a result. Not so very far off lie more ruins--the ruins of Bromholm Priory, where John Paston was buried, naturally enough, since his house was only a mile or so away, lying on low ground by the sea, twenty miles north of Norwich. english essay on colours The tower of Caister Castle still rises ninety feet into the air, and the arch still stands from which Sir John Fastolf's barges sailed out to fetch stone for the building of the great castle. The coast is dangerous, and the land, even in our time, inaccessible.A mother would clout her daughter's head three times a week and break the skin if she did not conform to the laws of behaviour.In the fifteenth century, however, the wild landscape was broken suddenly and very strangely by vast piles of brand-new masonry.Margaret, his widow, could not pay her debts; the eldest son, Sir John, wasted his property upon women and tournaments, while the younger, John also, though a man of greater parts, thought more of his hawks than of his harvests.Some of these papers appeared originally in the Times Literary Supplement, the Athenaeum, the Nation and Athanaeum, the New Statesman, the London Mercury, the Dial (New York); the New Republic (New York), and I have to thank the editors for allowing me to reprint them here.Norfolk was always the most distressed of counties and its country gentlemen the most quarrelsome of mankind. Paston chosen, she could have told her children how when she was a young woman a thousand men with bows and arrows and pans of burning fire had marched upon Gresham and broken the gates and mined the walls of the room where she sat alone. Thus the little Pastons would see their mother writing or dictating page after page, hour after hour, long long letters, but to interrupt a parent who writes so laboriously of such important matters would have been a sin.Scientists claim that these rules safeguard animals because they state that discomfort must be kept to a minimum and that painkillers must be used where necessary and appropriate.5 In spite of the claims of some scientists about the effectiveness of animal research, the death rate in this country has stayed the same over the last thirty years.There is also more long-term sickness, even though greater numbers of animals are being used in research.He had inherited his lands; the honey was his that the bees had gathered with so much labour.Surely this means, however, that scientists can still decide not to use painkillers in the animal experiments because they do not consider them appropriate.He never ceases, as he reads, to run up some rickety and ramshackle fabric which shall give him the temporary satisfaction of looking sufficiently like the real object to allow of affection, laughter, and argument.Arsenic, which is a deadly poison for humans, has no effect on sheep, while penicillin, which is so valuable to humans, kills guinea pigs.8 Although I accept that some drugs can be used on animals and humans, this does not mean that they have to be tested on animals in the first place when alternative methods are available. Various groups have been set up to put money into other ways of researching. Hadwen Trust has shown how human cartilage can be grown in test tubes to study rheumatism.Black cloth was distributed, and a light set burning on the grave.These tests do not show how the drugs work on whole animals and so they only have limited effectiveness.7 It is argued by researchers that the use of animals in experiments cannot be replaced by methods using living tissue which has been grown in test tubes.The comments are presented as answers to the questions provided.6 On the other hand, scientists claim that some experiments are so small, for example giving an injection, that painkillers are not needed.In fact, a third of medicines used by vets are the same as those used by doctors. english essay on colours Old Fastolf, cumbered with wealth and property, had his vision at the end of Hell fire, and shrieked aloud to his executors to distribute alms, and see that prayers were said "in perpetuum", so that his soul might escape the agonies of purgatory.For let us imagine, in the most desolate part of England known to us at the present moment, a raw, new-built house, without telephone, bathroom or drains, arm-chairs or newspapers, and one shelf perhaps of books, unwieldy to hold, expensive to come by.But John Paston, the heir, delayed to make his father's tombstone.The gigantic structure of Caister Castle was in progress not so many miles away when the little Pastons were children.But much worse things than that had happened to women. They needed treacle badly, and really she must have stuff for a dress. The prattle of children, the lore of the nursery or schoolroom, did not find its way into these elaborate communications.He was attractive to women, liked society and tournaments, and court life and making bets, and sometimes, even, reading books. She still ordered the lives of the younger children as she had ordered the lives of the elder.Above all, he is guided by an instinct to create for himself, out of whatever odds and ends he can come by, some kind of whole--a portrait of a man, a sketch of an age, a theory of the art of writing.When he ran away from home, it was, apparently, to attempt to enter the King's household.He was a young man, something over twenty-four years of age.The long, long letters which she wrote so laboriously in her clear cramped hand to her husband, who was (as usual) away, make no mention of herself. There was robbery and manslaughter; it was difficult to get in the rents; Richard Calle had gathered but little money; and what with one thing and another Margaret had not had time to make out, as she should have done, the inventory of the goods which her husband desired.The windows look out upon a few cultivated fields and a dozen hovels, and beyond them there is the sea on one side, on the other a vast fen.For ever there would be monks and the town of Norwich, and for ever the Chapel of Our Lady in the town of Norwich.He had the instincts of enjoyment rather than of acquisition, and with his mother's parsimony was strangely mixed something of his father's ambition.There was something matter-of-fact, positive, and enduring in their conception both of life and of death.But whether on the battlefield or at court he thought perpetually of Caister, and how, when his duties allowed, he would settle down on his father's land and live in a great house of his own building.This way you can check your own ideas against them.Agnes Paston, a lady of birth and breeding, beat her daughter Elizabeth.People said that he had forged the old knight's will. But, if we consider the character of Sir John Paston, John's eldest son, and his upbringing and his surroundings, and the relations between himself and his father as the family letters reveal them, we shall see how difficult it was, and how likely to be neglected--this business of making his father's tombstone.The body was brought down to Bromholm to be buried.Orders are given to lock all gates at sunset, and, when the long dismal evening has worn itself away, simply and solemnly, girt about with dangers as they are, these isolated men and women fall upon their knees in prayer. english essay on colours The outlying parts of one's property were in perpetual jeopardy. english essay on colours

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