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choosing dissertation committeeChoosing dissertation committee -We talk to you, find out what your area of study is, and learn about your educational passions.“It’s good for grad students,” says Brenda Brouwer, CAGS president and dean of the school of graduate studies at Queen’s University. The requirements are as follows: Each student must pass the cumulative examinations which has to be taken at the end of the first summer of residence, and will cover materials from the core courses in the areas of Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Genetics and Bioprocessing/Bioseparations.The 2017 winner of Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in the category of Engineering/Medical Science/Natural Science is the first in the world to create functional heart and liver tissues with built-in, 3-D blood vessel networks that can be surgically connected to the patient’s own system.»»» more info There is a perception that Canada’s graduate schools have completed the transition to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) leaving behind the age-old format of paper and print.2016 Edition Results - November 2016 Luc Simon BPEI (.pptx) Are you working with or know of a doctoral student whose dissertation makes a unique contribution to their academic field?Brenda Brouwer to the Standing Committee on Finance at the House of Commons on September 28.That transition into the digital world is far from complete, according to James Mac Donald, the Digital Initiatives librarian at the University of Northern British Columbia.The top three disciplines studied by Canadian females were Social Sciences, Sciences and Health Sciences.»»» more info “Humanities and social sciences have led the way in contesting the boundaries of the dissertation,” says CAGS President, Brenda Brouwer..”it is a natural fit for us to partner with the Federation for the Humanities and Social Science to hold this event on Monday, May 29 between 1530-1730.” »»» more info A project which tracked more than 2,700 humanities Ph D grads from 24 Canadian universities and 60 departments has released a quantitative report which reveals some interesting information about how and where those grads are using their skills.By contrast the most popular programs for Canadian students were Social Sciences, Sciences, and Health Science.We understand how difficult this decision is for graduate students such as you.»»» more info Universities across Canada are actively working to provide graduate students with opportunities to hone skills that will serve them well in any work place.It was the same message that we reinforced in our federal budget consultation.His work in green chemistry and agri-food engineering was a major contribution to all society.” Diversity and inclusivity are fundamental tenets of Canada and of graduate education. You have read about the road blocks, you’ve selected your committee, and you’ve started writing your dissertation. What does that have to do with earning the ultimate degree?We will strive to help you come up with a dissertation topic that is not a basic yes or no question.Writing a dissertation without a publication is like going to the trouble of making a cake but not baking it.»»» more info CAGS’ sponsorship of Canada’s 3MT is in its fourth year – increasing in popularity each year.It is intended to form the basis of a conversation across Canadian universities, and to assist with that, it includes a consultation guide at the end of the document.choosing dissertation committee»»» more info What happens when two creative radio producers team up with Ph Ds to present their work? Laval University researcher, biochemist and dean Marie Audette has stepped in to the CAGS presidency. Concordia University’s Eric Weissman’s (Ph D Indi) multi-media, interdisciplinary work is the culmination of 13years immersed in the issue. It is an exciting time of year here at CAGS when we put out this annual call.The Western Region will hold their event at the University of Saskatchewan on April 28.The CAGS’ sponsored 2017 Graduate Student Experience Award will recognize excellence and impact. This award will profile a program that helps challenge personal impediments as well as prejudice and misinformation.” »»» more info 30 January 2017 The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies expresses its deep regret to the family, friends and colleagues of Khaled Belkacemi, an engineering professor at Laval University who was killed in an attack on a Quebec City mosque.Additionally, when we suggest ideas to you, we will provide ideas based on things we have determined you are tremendously passionate about in general.“Stone of Power,” Douglas Hunter’s (York U, Ph D History) study of how North America’s Indigenous people have been portrayed and their cultural history sometimes erased, was the ultimate choice of the judges. Voting is open between noon Pacific Time on May 9 and noon Pacific Time May 19, 2016. And ultimately the creativity and sophistication of post graduates is key to an exceptional and vital society.One of the first things that we can do is provide you with a list of dissertation topics based on your area of study.They contribute to the vibrancy of our universities and bring global perspective so critical to the advancement of knowledge, understanding and discovery which benefits us all.“Professor Belkacemi was worshipping peacefully in the city that he had adopted as home.In July, CAGS was invited to one of its roundtables as part of developing a Science Review component. We reminded the them that since broad science enterprise is dependent on people, effective methods of supporting established and emerging researchers as well as students is critical. in Biotechnology Science and Engineering at UAH, a student must satisfy the requirements of Graduate School as well as those of the Biotechnology Science and Engineering Program.In terms of the Presidential Executive Order which bans individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries, The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies has been in touch with the U.S.-based Council of Graduate Schools to determine what role Canada can play to help allay the immediate and profound impact of this situation.You can rest easy knowing that when we help you choose your dissertation topic we will not be recycling old ideas that others have used.One of the most difficult decisions that a graduate student will make in their academic career is choosing their dissertation topic.In some cases, we can inspire you to choose a topic that sheds new light on a topic that others have tackled previously.»»» more info The field of tissue engineering has been around for years, but scientists’ inability to build blood vessel networks to keep those artificial tissues alive has – to date – been a major stumbling block.As former graduate students, our writers know putting your dissertation is going to take many months, a great deal of thought and research.»»» more info Ottawa - A successful author of books on history, business, and sport has won Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2016. Visit the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies 3MT page for videos of the 11 finalists chosen from regional competitions. Expand Research Strategy: CAGS Paper The health of Canada’s graduate education system is a critical factor in a competitive global environment.For more than 50 years, deans and administrators from Canada’s graduate schools have met in the late autumn to share information on the challenges and trends in graduate education.CAGS and the Canadian Consortium of Graduate Studies Professional Development Administrators, with the support of the Tri-Council, has developed a report , available here, that summarizes and categorizes the skills development offerings available to graduate students by university in Canada. choosing dissertation committee The top 3 disciplines studied by Canadian males were Engineering, Sciences, and Social Sciences.You want to pick something compelling that is new and different.Then check out Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award 2017 call for nominations.That’s according to the latest data from the 2016 Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey.The dissertation working group has written the discussion paper found here.But the English department at Mount Royal University is working to change that with a project called Pop Up Poetry. Graduate school can be a stressful time,” says CAGS executive director, Sally Rutherford.»»» more info We asked the organizers of an annual online career conference geared to Ph Ds to explain the event. Ottawa - The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) at Wilfrid Laurier University is the winner of the 2014 CAGS/ETS Award for Excellence and Innovation in Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience. That’s the message CAGS has delivered to the federal government as it reviews its science and technology strategy.It is an important conversation given the multitude of career paths, changes to the academy and to society.Those are some of the outcomes CAGS hopes will be the result of recommendations made by president Dr.We offer advice on how to push the envelope, how to grab the attention of the reader, and offer ideas on how to do the research for your dissertation.We do not just throw a list of ideas at you and say pick one.but also a master class in communicating for students who want to engage beyond the traditional. The well-being of graduate students studying at Canadian universities is of prime importance to the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies. In this short commentary, Eric Weissman, winner of 2014 Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award, outlines some of the challenges and obstacles in graduate education. Then check out Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award 2015 call for nominations. Grad Studies Direction, Relevancy: Conference Theme Montreal - Participants at the 2013 CAGS Conference will be looking at options for the future of Canadian graduate studies when the event takes place here November 3-6, 2013.In this short piece, Baker takes a break from his musical work and talks about what his time as a judge and his thoughts about presenters - current and future.»»» more info Ottawa - A young chemical engineer conducting groundbreaking research into fuel cell technology has won the 2016 Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in the category of Engineering/Medical Science/Natural Science. »»» more info Now is your chance to vote for Canada’s Choice in the national 3Minute Thesis competition. Nominations are now open for the annual CAGS/ETS award. Guidelines for the nomination process can be found here.If you are a graduate student who has taken your last exams and passed all of your classes, you are now at the stage where you have to make decisions related dissertation topics.We want to help you choose topics that push the envelope and make you think.We want to assist you in this process the best way possible.»»» more info Nominations are now open for the Canadian Graduate School program that best supports an accessible and productive environment for students. “We know that many graduate schools are increasingly effective at helping students cope and excel.There is also a marked difference in preference between Canadian males and females.Enter Boyang Zhang (Ph D, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto). choosing dissertation committee Graduate education’s most popular – and most fun - skill development competition is gearing up for another round.A University of Victoria researcher with a drive to prevent human infectious diseases, especially those that affect the developing world, has won the 2015 Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Science category.If you are struggling to come up with a viable idea for your dissertation, if you come to us, we can help in a number of ways.»»» more info The winner of the 2017 Distinguished Dissertation Award for Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is being praised for breaking new ground in the ethnomusicology of Ethiopia.»»» more info Thanks to its generous parental leave and day care bursary programs, the University of Waterloo has won the 2017 CAGS Award for Excellence and Innovation for Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience.The University of New Brunswick in Fredericton is hosting the 2017 Eastern region. University of Waterloo has chosen April 12 as the big day that will see reps from Ontario schools compete for the regional champion.»»» more info Prepared by UBC Dean and Vice-Provost of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Susan Porter and Assistant Dean Jennifer Phelps, the work outlines an integrated approach to doctoral student scholarship and career development that is being piloted at the institution. download document (pdf) A University of Victoria researcher with a drive to prevent human infectious diseases, especially those that affect the developing world, has won the 2015 Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Science category. Graduate students from Western and University of Windsor did just that recently as part of a nation-wide dialogue on Imagining Canada’s Future. “It’s good for public recognition of their work and the value of their research, not only to the discipline and to academics but to all Canadians.” This feature article by Suzanne Bowness explains how Canadian academics are recognizing the importance of strong communication skills and are using competitions like the 3MT as a training tool. »»» more info Earlier this year, the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies formed working groups to study two critical aspects of doctoral education in light of these changes: the dissertation and the comprehensive exam.»»» more info Ottawa - An animated explanation of a plant-derived compound that extends the shelf life of fruit and could impact food supply in developing countries has won Canada’s 3Minute Thesis competition.And we outlined numerous ways this could be achieved.If you need helping selecting a dissertation topic and need help during the process of writing it, we will be there for you.»»» more info Canada’s 3MT is gaining in popularity due to the amazing student presenters, mentors and coaches, regional organizers and our judges.»»» more info Canada’s 3MT competition is gearing up at universities across the country. And our members work hard to respond to the needs of students. This is part of the CAGS project – Re Thinking the Ph D. Updating Ph D Defence: Memorial University Wins Innovation Award Ottawa - A new program that encourages examiners to attend the dissertation defence process remotely has won the 2013 CAGS/ETS Award Excellence and Innovation in Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience.In partnership with publishers Pro Quest-UMI we have been seeking out the best dissertations in Canada for more than 20 years. This document highlights the thrust of reports from CAGS members who took part in the SSHRC’s Imagine Canada’s Future initiative. The theme of the conference is, “Emerging Scholars: Illuminating Graduate Research.” more info . “When different groups cannot agree on this purpose,” she writes, “at least in terms coherent enough that they can produce policies and programs that align, then doctoral students are the ones who lose out.” You can read her whole report in our What could be more important in our academic community than engaging our brightest minds in the imagining and decision-making process of designing Canada’s research future? CAGS 2013 Dissertation Award: Cracking An Evolutionary Mystery Ottawa - A study about the evolutionary history and population patterns of the iconic North American Mountain Goat has won the CAGS/UMI-PROQUEST Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2013 (Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Science Category).»»» more info Ottawa - Polytechnique Montréal’s complementary doctoral training program is the 2016 winner of the CAGS Award for Excellence and Innovation for Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience. He should know, he has worked with plenty over his 40 year career as a “serial entrepreneur.” But he has some advice for students, grad schools and the business community to optimize the potential of Canada’s Ph Ds. People, programs and professionalism are the main ingredients.This report includes a searchable catalogue, available here, to help professional development administrators access content and keep up with trends and innovations.Canada’s graduate schools host over 40,000 international graduate students and foreign born and visiting professors.You might be asking yourself if the dissertation topic ideas are recycled ideas from other dissertations previously written.»»» more info As anyone toiling away at a dissertation knows, writing can be an isolating experience.The goal is to continuously update the catalogue and maintain it evergreen. choosing dissertation committee The requirements are as follows: Each student must pass the cumulative examinations which has to be taken at the end of the first summer of residence, and will cover materials from the core courses in the areas of Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Genetics and Bioprocessing/Bioseparations. choosing dissertation committee

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